Sanjay Mone plays wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed in ‘Shoor Aamhi Sardar’

Actor Sanjay Mone

Actor Sanjay Mone, Marathi Movie ‘Shoor Aahmi Sardar’

We have seen veteran actor Sanjay Mone, performing variety of roles in his acting career. Originally a stage actor, Sanjay later found many roles in TV serials. Now, he is also seen in many Marathi films. Basically, known for his comedy, Sanjay is now being offered different types of roles. And, his latest role has been that of wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed in forthcoming Marathi film ‘Shoor Aamhi Sardar‘, which is all set to release on 21st April 2017.

The film ‘Shoor Aamhi Sardar‘ has been set on the backdrop of three youngsters coming together to fight terrorism. Written by Australia based Marathi writer Ganesh Loke, the film ‘Shoor Aamhi Sardar‘ is directed by Prakash Jadhav. In this film, Sanjay Mone has special make up to give him the look of a terrorist leader. Sanjay Mone was himself surprised to see his new look in the mirror and couldn’t believe that his new look resembled a terrorist leader. The film also stars Shantanu Moghe, Bharat Ganeshpure, Sayaji Shinde and writer Producer Ganesh Loke himself.

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