‘Sister Concern’ making all efforts to promote their film ‘Family Katta’

Rani Verma, Vandana Gupte and Bharati Achrekar

Rani Verma, Vandana Gupte and Bharati Achrekar

Well Known actress Vandana Gupte and singer Rani Verma both daughters of doyen of Hindustani classical music Late Manik Verma have come together to produce their first Marathi film ‘Family Katta‘ under the banner of ‘Sister Concern Entertainment‘. The film is all set to release on 7th October 2016 and the sisters are making all efforts to market their film, so as to reach out to maximum people. During the last week, both were busy promoting their film visiting all the three important media houses like television, Radio and newspapers. And, they received very good response.

Though their film has presently booked 120 screens all over Maharashtra, there is more demand coming from Pune theatres. ‘Family Katta‘ is releasing simultaneously with another big banner Marathi film ‘Jaundya Na Balasaheb‘; but, this is not new to Marathi cinema. In the past, many good films have been released simultaneously and the Marathi audience have welcomed both the films. What is important is the ‘word of mouth’ publicity, which is noticed in the second week, after the film is released. ‘Family Katta‘ being a family social is banking on family audience and the sisters Vandana Gupte and Rani Verma look confident about their creation. “Ours is not a traditional family package, but there is something more, which the Marathi audience would appreciate,” said the sisters while speaking about their film, during the press show.

Family Katta‘ has a big star cast comprising of big names like Dilip Prabhavalkar, Vandana Gupte herself, Kiran Karmarkar, Pratiksha Lonkar, Sachin Deshpande, Sulekha Talwalkar, Sanjay Khapre, Gauri Nalawade, Alok Rajwade, Sai Tamhankar and late Adesh Shrivastav . The film is based on Marathi play ‘Celebration‘ written by Prasahant Dalvi and is directed by the same director Chandrakant Kulkarni.

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