Subodh Bhave’s son Malhar Bhave to play his childhood role in ‘Fugay’

Subodh Bhave with his son Malhar Bhave

Actor Subodh Bhave with his son Malhar Bhave

There are many actors, whose sons are carrying forward their father’s profession in this film industry. Best examples are Chandrakant GokhaleVikram Gokhale , Mahesh Kothare- Adinath Kothare, Ravindra Mahajani- Gashmir Mahajani, late Laxmikant Berde- Abhinay Berde and so on. But, we had not heard of an actor’s real life son playing his childhood role in the same film. This new record will be set by Subodh Bhave’s son Malhar Bhave through the film ‘Fugay‘, which is due for release soon.

Little Malhar Bhave plays the childhood role of his father in the film ‘Fugay‘, which stars Subodh Bhave and Swwapnil Joshi in the lead. Incidentally, Swwapnil Joshi’s childhood role is played by the film’s co producer’s son Vihaan Nishandar. Since this film is based on close friendship between the lead characters, their childhood roles will also have equal importance in the film. For little Malhar Bhave, this is a golden opportunity to invite the attention of audience, as acting is in his blood.

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