Team of ‘Conditions Apply’ interact face to face with media persons

Marathi Film 'Condition Apply' Cast and Crew Member, Subodh Bhave, Deepti Devi, Girish Mohite

Marathi Film ‘Condition Apply’ Cast and Crew Member, Subodh Bhave, Deepti Devi, Girish Mohite,

Many a times, the makers of a particular film arrange a press conference, by traditionally welcoming the media persons and introducing their artistes to them who generally are seated on a dais. But, producer Dr.Sandeh Mhatre and director Girish Mohite thought it the other way. Today afternoon they preferred to sit among the media persons and faced them through direct interaction and this helped to understand the viewpoints of each one of them about this film suitably titled ‘Conditions Apply’.

And, this idea of interaction created the much required humor, instead of the routine boring function. So, after Girish Mohite briefed about the idea of making this film, written by Sanjay Pawar, he opened the debate to involve his team members comprising of lead pair Subodh Bhave, Deepti Devi, Radhika Vidyasagar, Milind Phatak, Dr.Utkarsha Naik and Vineet Sharma, who were present. They were later joined by the producer of this film.

Though the film is based on ‘Live in Relationship’ , director Girish Mohite explained as to why his lead characters had opted to prefer this lifestyle. But, as the media persons suggested that each one of them should speak on what they themselves in real life felt, about ‘Proper Marriage  or Live in relationship’, most of them, including Girish Mohite and Subodh Bhave  were frank enough to admit, how the proper marriage had helped them in their own lives.  Actress Deepti Devi also opted for ‘marriage’ over ‘Live in relationship’, when she was asked to choose one of them.

Renowned Hindi TV actress Dr. Utkarsha Naik,  who is playing an important role in this film, confessed  that she and her actor husband had to remain in ‘Live in Relationship’ at least for one and a half year in the process of settling down in their life and then got married and are living happily for the past twenty years.  Only person, who slightly differed his views was Vineet Sharma. He narrated his own story. Vineet said that after marriage, he separated from his wife, as they could not get along with eachother, in spite of being good friends. But, later preferred to live with the same wife in ‘Live in relationship’reaching an understanding between both of them and their near and dear ones.  The remaining three important artistes, Atul Parchure, Rajan Tamhane & Atisha Naik could not attend this interesting press interaction.

In short, it was a good interaction, with some good humor exchanged by Subodh Bhave, when he was asked as to why he could not avoid release of both his films ‘Conditions Apply’ and ‘Hridayantar’ on the same day? With his presence of mind, he said, “Sometimes it is not in our hands, to stop such happenings. Can a mother prevent birth of twins? By the way, both these films have different subjects and should be welcomed by the Marathi film lovers.” The interaction concluded with the team requesting one and all to watch this film.

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