Tejaswini Pandit to play a strong female protagonist

Tejaswini Pandit, Actress

Tejaswini Pandit In Marathi Movie ‘Ticha Umbartha’

By educating a girl child, we feel that enough has been done, for the progress  of women in our country. But, in spite of advancement of women  in every sector; still they have to shoulder responsibility at home front, even if they  are working women.  But, forthcoming Marathi film ‘Ticha Umbartha’ throws light on this important issue, showing the conflict on this debatable point.

Based on the story of well Known journalist Jayant Pawar ‘s Marathi drama, ‘Majha Ghar’, renowned action director of Bollywood Mr. Ravi Diwan has produced this film, which is directed by Pradeep Ghonsikar. Highlight of ‘Ticha Umbartha film is that talented and beautiful actress  Tejaswini Pandit  is playing the central character of a female protagonist in this film, which also has  popular Marathi TV stars  Chinmay Mandlekar and Suyash Tilak in lead roles. The other important artistes of this film are, Jyoti Chandekar, Harsha Khandeparkar, Shital Shukla, Tulika Nikam, Bharat Sharma, Jayant Patekar, Abhinay Patekar and child artiste Aditi Sawant.

For Tejaswini Pandit, this is a big opportunity, to invite the attention of the audience to this issue and at the same time , to be eligible for popular awards for best actress. So much has been the strength of this role, according to the makers of this film. Even otherwise, the month of February seems to be lucky for her. Her two films are releasing this month.

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