‘Ticha Umbaratha’ making rounds at Film Festivals

Harsha Khandeparkar, Ticha Umbartha Movie

Many Marathi films are receiving good response at film festivals. In fact, it has become a trend to first do the rounds of numerous National and International film festivals, get recognition and then release the film commercially. While doing so, these film makers use the laurels and awards received, during the promotions of their film.

While still unreleased ‘Court‘ is busy with film festivals, one more Marathi film ‘Ticha Umbaratha’ is also doing the rounds, at film festivals. This film has been produced under the banner RDX Cinema by bollywood action director Ravi Dewan and directed by Pradeep Ghonsikar. It was honoured with Best Cinema Today award at PIFF (Pune International Film Festival) and has also won couple of awards, including the best actress award (Tejaswini Pandit) at Sangli International Film Festival. It has also bagged five nominations at one of the TV channels’ awards.

‘Ticha Umbaratha’ is about trials and tribulations of an urban middle class house-wife, who is forced to cross her limits at one point of time in life; and how she fights it without compromising on her values. The story is by Jayant Pawar and bollywood’s renowned cinematographer Yogesh Jani is behind the camera. The cast includes Chinmay Mandlekar, Tejaswini Pandit, Jyoti Chandekar, Suyash Tilak among others. As this film is busy with film festivals, the release date has still not been finalised.

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