Umesh Kamat to play renowned Neuro surgeon Dr.Ramani in his biopic ‘Tath Kana’

Dr.Ramani and Umesh Kamat , Marathi film 'Tath Kana'

Dr.Ramani and Umesh Kamat , Marathi film ‘Tath Kana

Pioneer of Spinal surgery in India, Dr.Premanand Ramani needs no introduction. But, not many are aware of his struggle in life before becoming a neuro and Spinal surgeon. Driven with passion to become a doctor, during his childhood in a village in Goa, he had to face lot of hardships, before attaining his goal. In his autobiography ‘Tath Kana‘ Dr.Ramani has given details about his struggle in life, which was worth a script for a film.

Producer Vijay Mudshingikar who was operated upon by Dr.Ramani, was so impressed with his passion for this profession that he could not resist the temptation of making a biopic on him. On Monday evening after narrating his experience with Dr.Ramani and praising his commitment to his medical profession, he officially announced the film suitably titled ‘Tath Kana‘ , with muhurat clap given by Dr. Ramani.

There was lot of curiosity as to who would play the role of Dr. Ramani and the invitees and media persons didn’t have to wait for long, as the producer Mudshingikar and director Dasbabu soon announced the name of Umesh Kamat, by inviting him to share the dais with Dr.Ramani. Dr.Ramani then invited his wife to the dais and made the announcement that his wife’s role will be played by Umesh’s better half Priya Bapat Kamat, who was also present on the occasion.

During this function, the other artistes of this film Ashok Saraf, Alka Kubal and Varsha Usgaonkar also praised the work of Dr.Ramani through video recording of their message . Music director of the film Rajesh Dhabre has been offered two songs in this film and he presented live a piece of his music. The Assistant Commissioner of Customs in real life, Rajesh Dhabre has composed Buddhist devotional music in the past. This is his debut in Marathi films as a music director. The screenplay , dialogues and lyrics have been penned by award winning writer Shrikant Bojewar.

The other artistes in the film are, Arun Nalawade, Kishore Kadam, Abhay Kulkarni and Yashika Dhabre.

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