Vikram Gokhale sets a new record of shooting non- stop for 15 hours

Actor Vikram Gokhale In Marathi Movie 'Khopa'

Actor Vikram Gokhale

As an actor Vikram Gokhale has always invited attention of the audience, be it stage, television or films. His mere presence in the film, gives a special status to the film. While shooting, he gets so much involved in his work that many a times he forgets about time. Recently, while shooting for his forthcoming Marathi film ‘Khopa‘ he tirelessly worked non-stop for 15 hours . According to film’s director Dr.Sudhir Nikam, ever since Mr. Gokhale has been signed for this role, he has been taking a lot of interest in his character. “Sometimes, he gets so much engrossed in his work that he forgets about the time spent on stets,” says the director.

In ‘Khopa‘ film Vikram Gokhale plays the challenging role of a grandfather, who offers shelter to an orphan child and showers all the love and affection on him, treating him as his own grandson. The story of this emotion filled film revolves around this child. Produced by Jalinder Bhujbal, the film also stars Sankarshan Karhade, Aishwarya Tupe, Yatin Karyekar, Rooplaxmi Chougule, Bharat Ganeshpure, Asha Tare, Siddheshwar Zadbuke, Jalinder Bhujbal, Dr.Sudhir Nikam, Vidya Bhagwat, Ketan Pawar, Rishikesh Bam and others. Cinematography by Sameer Bhaskar and music by A.V.Prafulchandra are other credits. The highlight of the film is that for the first time maximum use of VFX has been done in this film.

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