Will ‘Bandookya’ deliver the social message effectively ?

Marathi film 'Bandookya'

Marathi movie ‘Bandookya

We are all aware that the Nomadic Tribes and Denotified Tribes consist of about 60 million people in our country, out of which about five million live in the state of Maharashtra. There are 315 Nomadic Tribes and 198 Denotified Tribes. Now, there is one particular tribe ‘Pardhi‘ in Maharashtra, which is part of Nomadic tribes and not much of attention has been paid towards their reforms from the traditional old practices observed by them.

But, when it comes to inviting attention of the people towards the most neglected tribes in our society, our Marathi films play a very important role. In the past, there have been award winning films like ‘Khwada‘, ‘Fandry‘ and few others, which have not only invited the attention of audience but also our Government. This Friday release film ‘Bandookya‘ also revolves around the lifestyle of one such ‘Pardhi‘ community under the Nomadic tribes in Maharashtra.

Produced by Rajendra Borse and Pratibha Borse and directed by Rahul Manohar Chaudhari, the film will present the problems faced by a particular tribe . With a combination of some versatile and new artistes, it remains to be seen, how the writer director is able to present the subject effectively. But, there is certainly some hope from talented actor like Shashank Shende, who was also part of award winning Marathi film ‘Khwada‘ which was also based on a similar subject. The film’s music is by Parikshit Bhatkhande with popular singers like Javed Ali, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Adarsh Shinde having rendered their voices for the songs in this film.

By the way, ‘Bandookya‘ is the only Marathi film releasing after a long break of two weeks. And, this film has already received awards at the Maharashtra State awards. So, it remains to be seen, whether ‘Bandookya‘ will deliver the social message effectively ?

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