Zee Talkies ‘Gajar Kirtanacha’ to present Women’s day special week

Gajar Kirtanacha Sohala Anandanacha

Kirtankar Supriyatai Sathe, Gajar Kirtanacha Sohala Anandanacha on ZEE Talkies

Gajar Kirtanacha Sohala Anandacha‘ programme presented by Zee talkies, has already received a good response during morning hours daily from 7.30 am to 8.30 am. Now, on the occasion of Women’s day, ‘Gajar Kirtanacha Sohala Anandacha programme will present special event during the week 6th March to 12th March 2017.

This special event will present the Kirtan of Supriyatai Sathe, who is known for her mesmerising voice. Listening to Kirtans has already proved to remove stress from your body and help attain peace of mind. Above all, Deepti Bhagwat and Rutuja Bagwe will be the anchors of this show. Hope the home viewers will appreciate this timely special programme.

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