Zee Talkies to pay tributes to Lakshyaa Berde


Lakshmikant Berde, a versatile Marathi actor popularly known as ‘Lakshyaa’ is no more. But, through his films he reminds us his adaptability in acting. Zee Talkies, the only Marathi movie channel will pay sincere tributes to this legendary actor in the form of a film fest titled “Lakshmikant Berde film festival” from 13th December to 17th December @ 3.00 pm.

In this festival some selective comedy films of this actor will be shown. They are :
13 Dec – Hamaal De Dhamal
14 Dec – Kuthe Kuthe Shodhu Mi Tila
15 Dec – Majjach Maja
16 Dec – Ashi Hi Banva Banvi
17 Dec – Balache Baap Bramhachari (MMW) Complete updates about Marathi Entertainment incuding Movies, Theatre, Television, Events and Celebrities.

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