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Aadinath Kothare, Actor

Actor Adinath Kothare

Actor Adinath Kothare

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Born: 13 May
Occupation: Actor

Films were part of his life, when he was born. Like Abhimanyu knew the secrets of war strategies in ‘Mahabharat‘, he too must have acquired the lessons of acting, since the time of his birth. But as he grew up, Adinath Kothare had an opportunity to see the film making process from close quarters. The film institute was in his house itself. Rest was his hard work, when he made his actual debut. His debut film ‘Ved lavi Jeeva‘ was directed by his father; but it wasn’t their home production. Hence, went unnoticed due to lack of distribution and marketing. However, when, his father Mahesh Kothare made their home production ‘Dubhang‘, it was a big boost for him, as the film also involved Adinath’s girlfriend Urmila, whom he knew since the time of ‘Shubhamangal‘, when Adinath was assistant director to his father, and it was Urmila’s debut film.


Dear Dad (Hindi Film)(2015)
Sata Lota Pan Sagla Khota (2015)
Nilkanth Master (2015)
Avatarachi Goshta (2014)
Premasathi Coming Suun (2014)
Anvatt (2014)
Ishq Wala Love (2014)
Hello Nandan (2014)
Zapatlela 2 (2013)
Satrangi Re (2012)
Dubhang (2011)
Stand By (film) (2011)
Ved Lavi Jeeva (2010)
Maza Chakula (1994)

100 Days (ZEE Marathi)



Adinath Kothare won the best child actor award in the 1995 for his work in the film Maza Chakula.


I would love if my father interferes in my life.’ – Aadinath Kothare


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