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Dr. Meena Nerurkar

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Actress Dr Meena Nerurkar

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Occupation : Actress, Director, Writer

Dr. Meena Nerurkar is a gynecologist, actor, director, author, dancer and choreographer. Being a gynecologist, she was invited by President Bill Clinton to the White House to participate in health care reform.
Dr. Meena Nerurkar has appeared on American TV in the ABC soap opera ‘One Life to Live‘, She has also performed the role in Bollywood movie ‘English Vinglish’ and the Hollywood movies ‘Sleepwalkers Anonymous’ and ‘Dr. Ravi & Mr. Hyde’. The film ‘A Dot Com Mom‘ is produced and directed by Dr. Meena Nerurkar, who has also performed in this film. Dr Meena Nerurkar divides her time between Philadelphia & Mumbai.


Jay (Upcoming)
A Dot Com Mom (Marathi) (2016)
English Vinglish (Bollywood) (2013)
Sleepwalk with me (English) (2011)
Dr. Ravi & Mr. Hyde (English)

One Life To Live (2011)
Commercial for a marketing company Sai-global (2009)

Marathi Play(s)
Awagha Rang Ekachi Zala (2007)
Hicktown Cha Ganeshotsav (2006)
Sundara manamadhe Bahrali (2004)
Soor Maaze Sobati (2003)
Sahyadriche Swagat (2001)
Vasundhara (1997)
Shanti Doot (1992)
Maaze Maher Pndhari (1991)

English Play(s)
Power Politics in Heaven (2005)
Making of a Mahatma (2004)
Fabulous Fifties (2000)

Gujarati Play(s)
Doctor Tame Pan (1993)


Annasaheb Kirloskar Purskar – For Best Playwright- For the Marathi play ‘Awagha Rang Ekachi Zala'(2013).
Maharashtra State Award – For Best Playwright- For the Marathi play ‘Awagha Rang Ekachi Zala’.
Adishakti Award -For Lavani dance form (2000)
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation award (1999)
Natya Darpan Award -For completing 100 shows of Marathi play ‘Sundara Manamadhe Bharli’ (1998)



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