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Mitali Mayekar

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Actress Mitali Mayekar

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Born : 10 September
Occupation : Actress

She is beautiful fresh face in Marathi films, besides being a talented actress, with the release of Marathi movie ‘Urfi‘, Mitali has proved that her selection was right.. Mitali Mayekar had worked in few Marathi serials like ‘Tu Majha Sangati‘, ‘Asambhav‘, ‘Bhagyalakshmi‘ and as child artiste also in Bollywood film ‘Billu Barber‘, as Irrfan Khan’s daughter.


Marathi Movie(s)
Yaari Dosti (2016)
Urfi (2015)

Hindi Movie(s)
Billu Barber

Tu Majha Sangati (Zee Marathi)
Asambhav (Zee Marathi)
Bhagyalakshmi (Zee Marathi)
Uncha Majha Zoka (Zee Marathi)




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