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Sanjay Narvekar

Sanjay Narvekar

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His destiny made him an actor. When Sanjay Narvekar joined Mumbai’s Ruia College, he was good at Cricket and Football. One day his close friend who was into dramatics was in deep trouble, as one of the performers from the group had dropped out and they were searching for a substitute almost at the eleventh hour. The group was to perform at the Inter Collegiate Drama competition. The friend approached Sanjay and like a good friend in need, he agreed to perform. He was then produced before Patil Sir, who asked Sanjay whether he would be able to deliver without practice. And Sanjay said,’Yes’. Looking at the confidence of the young boy, he was inducted into the cast and the play ‘ Koliya Raja’ went on to win the prize for best play. Sanjay could not get any individual award but his decision to perform without practice had boosted the morale of the group. No one predicted that day that that this boy would soon become a star.

Today, Sanjay has to his credit more than 25 Hindi films in different roles, a sizable number of Marathi films with lead and variety of roles and above all few hit plays through which he has entertained one and all non stop. His latest play ‘Bajirao Mast Me’ is creating waves all over Maharashtra and reaching popularity heights.

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