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Shivaji Satam

Shivaji Satam

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If he had not become an actor, he would have become a cricketer. The entry of Shivaji Satam on the stage during his college days was a co incidence. It so happened that during Ganesh festival, when one of the performer fell sick, Shivaji was asked to perform his role and he did it omitting some of his dialogues. He got his next opportunity when Vasantrao Deshpande offered him a role in his ‘Sangit Vardaan’ on stage; but here again during one of his entries he omitted almost a page-full of dialogues. At that moment, Shivaji felt that his acting career had ended. But, Vasantrao did offer him another opportunity and that’s how Shivaji Satam as an actor was born. There after , there was no looking back for him.

Shivaji came into limelight with his role of Hambirao, in Goa Hindu Association’s popular stage play ‘Raigadala Jenvha Jaag Yete‘ . Thereafter he performed in various Inter –Bank competitions, as he joined Central Bank of India. Those days, he performed in some of the experimental plays and some popular plays like ‘Swapna Eka Valyache‘ and ‘Mansala Dankh Maticha‘. He made his debut in films through Kamlakar Torne’s ‘Kaiwari‘ and then also did few films; but he was more comfortable with stage and TV serials. His most popular TV serial ‘Ek Shoonya Shoonya‘ directed by his friend B.P Singh almost made him reach the popularity heights. His role as a CID Inspector made people believe that he was a real life Police Officer. People used be scared at his glimpse while traveling in Bus or Train. Bus conductors refused to take money from him. So much was the impact of his role. Otherwise, in real life he still continues to remain very modest and courteous person.

Shivaji has a long list of Hindi and Marathi films to his credit, but he is still comfortable playing ACP- Pradyuman’s role in B.P. Singh’s extremely popular serial CID, which has created a record on Sony Entertainment TV for being the longest running serial based on crime investigation. Shivaji has been honored with The Maharashtra State Best Actor Award, for his performance in the Marathi film ‘Ek Hoti Vadi‘, which almost makes you shed tears and also for his excellent performance in a stage play ‘Dhyaani Mani‘. He has also won other awards in various categories from the State as well as the Zee- Alpha and the Sahitya Sangh. He was nominated twice, for films like Ghulam-e-Mustafa and Nidaan. Today, his son Abhijeet has launched a production house called Alpha-Lyra which is now producing Marathi TV serials.


Marathi Movies
Haapus (2010)
Maan Sanman (2009)
De Dhakka (2008)
Guilty (2008)
Uttarayan (2005)
Aai (1995)
Premankur (1993)
Jivalaga (1992)
Ek Hoti Vadi

Hindi Movies
Deha (2008)
Taxi No. 9 2 11 (2006)
Uttarayan (2005)
Viruddh (2005)
Kahin Aag Na Lag Jaaye (2008)
Kaanch – The Broken Glass (2008)
Zamaanat (2008)
Viruddh (2005)
Kisna (2005)
Yehi Hai Zindagi (2005)
Kis Kiski Kismat (2004)
Ak 47 (2004)
Rakht (2004)
Garv (2004)
Bardaasht (2004)
Sssshhh? (2003)
Calcutta Mail (2003)
2nd October (2003)
Khwahish (2003)
Pran Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye (2003)
Tere Pyaar Ki Kasam (2003)
Pyaar Kiya Nahin Jaata (2003)
Hathyar (2002)
Filhaal (2002)
Pitaah (2002)
Ehsaas – A Feeling (2001)
Tera Mera Saath Rahen (2001)
Nayak (2001)
Censor (2001)
Kurukshetra (2000)
Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai (2000)
Fiza (2000)
Deewane (2000)
Nidaan (2000)
Baaghi (2000)
Pukar (2000)
Split Wide Open (2000)
Vaastav: The Reality (1999)
Sooryavansham (1999)
Daag-The Fire (1999)
Hu Tu Tu (1999)
Wajood (1998)
China Gate (1998)
Yugpurush : A Man Who Comes Just Once In A Way (1998)
Vinashak – Destroyer (1998)
Ghulam-E-Mustafa (1997)
Yeshwant (1997)
100 Days / Hundred Days (1991)
Bhediyon Ke Samooh (1991)

Ek Shoonya Shoonya
CID (Sony)

Raigadala Jenvha Jaag Yete
Swapna Eka Valyache
Mansala Dankh Maticha
Dhyaani Mani
Rishte-Naate (1980)


Maharashtra State Film Awards – Best Actor – for the film Ek Hoti Vadi
Maharashtra State Film Awards – Best Actor – for the play Dhyaani Mani


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