‘702 Dixits’ – A realistic mystery filled suspense thriller

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Rating: ★★★
Studio/presenter: A Shankh Rajyadhyaksha Motion Picture
Producers: Rohit Jail, Prashant Umbrani
Director:  Shankh Rajyadhyaksha
Writer: Rohit Jail
Screenplay: Ruturaj Dhalgade
Cinematographer (DOP): Suresh Beesaveni
Genres: Suspense, Thriller
Censor: U
Duration: 130 Min.
Cast: Gauri Nigudkar, Pallavi Patil, Vijay Aandalkar, Shrirang Deshmukh, Ruchi Jail, Jaywant Wadkar, Vikram Gokhale
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Man by nature is sensible. But, his  life is variable.  Therefore, he is required to live his life with  irrational certainty . He never knows, whatever is happening around with others, could happen with  him too . We have been hearing about the cases of accidents and  crimes happening in the neighbourhood. But, what if, the same case happens in your house with the person hired by you ?  Produced by  Rohit Jail & Prashant Umbarani and directed by Shankh  Rajadhyaksha, new Marathi film ‘702 Dixits’ presents one such story, based on a real incidence, which took place in Pune, few years ago. Though,  this film is not a ditto version of this real story, they have developed it, so as take the cinematic liberties.

In  the beginning of the film, we notice an unfortunate death of a house maid, working in the house of Dixits,  living on the 7th floor of a housing society in Pune.  Actually, this maid has fallen from the 7th floor of the balcony and dies on the spot. Not suspecting an accidental death, the witty Police officer (Jaywant Wadkar) , who comes to investigate the case, with a packet of biscuits in his hand, takes along with him Mr. Yash Dixit (Vijay Andalkar)for investigation, suspecting him as a murderer and keeps him in the police lock up. When Yash’s wife Kavya (Gauri Nigudkar) rushes home from office, she doesn’t know, how to react to this situation. So she seeks help from  Yash’s friend Riya Pandit( Pallavi Patil) and both together try their level best to get bail for Yash. As there is no lawyer coming forward to take this case, Riya herself, being a lawyer, decides to fight the case.

Gauri Nigudkar in 702 Dixits, Moviestill

702 Dixits Moviestill (Gauri Nigudkar)

Riya plays the dual role of defence lawyer and also an investigation officer, as she does not get help from Senior Police officer investigating the case.   And, we notice, unfolding of mystery, after suspecting  even Yash, Riya and few other suspects.

Actually, the plot of this film is good. But, director Shankh Rajadhyaksha could have developed it further, to make it more interesting than what he has presented. There is no doubt that he has used his editing skills, to use some twists in the screenplay with the help of interesting flashbacks; but few of the happenings are not very convincing, like the Police officer asking the same question repeatedly  to Yash, to admit that he has committed a crime and the large number of witnesses produced in the court, to endorse the credibility  of Yash.

Nevertheless , the performances of the main three characters played by Gauri Nigudkar, Pallavi Patil and Vijay Andalkar are very convincing. Especially, Pallavi, who has performed in her second film,  after Classmates, looks very confident. The selection of supporting cast is perfect, as we notice some good looking youngsters, resembling IT people. Vikram Gokhale is just namesake in this film, playing the boss at Yash’s IT company; but Jaywant Wadkar is impressive in the role of senior police officer.

The film scores on account of  excellent  camera work and apt background music , most suited for this  mystery filled suspense thriller. Moreover, the selection of locations has given a realistic look, to this technically well presented film.  Shankh  Rajadhyaksha has made  a good attempt on his debut, as a director;  as,  it is not an easy job  to present a mystery filled film. But, he has managed well, to hold the suspense, till the climax.  Last,  but not the least, the film also delivers an important message,  of verifying  all the  details of house maid,  employed by people in their houses. You never know, what has been shown in the film, could happen with you.


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