‘Swami Tinhi Jagacha … Bhikari’ goes South way to offer entertainment formula

Bhikari Marathi Film Poster
Movie: Bhikari
Rating: ★★★

Genres: Drama
Censor: UA
Duration: 130 min.
Studio / Presenter: Mi Maratha Film Productions
Producer(s): Sharad Devram Shelar, Ganesh Acharya
Director: Ganesh Acharya
Writer: Sasi
Cinematography (DOP): Mahesh Limaye
Cast:  Swwapnil Joshi, Rucha Inamdar, Sayaji Shinde, Manoj Joshi, Milind Shinde, Guru Thakur, Kirti Adarkar, Sunil Pal, Pradeep kabra
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Mother gives birth to a child and does everything for his proper upbringing. There is lot of sacrifice from her side. But, what this child does for his mother, when he grows up ? He may have everything in this world, which is acquired because of his mother, but unless his mother is there to witness his success, his condition is like a beggar. Based on this philosophy, is latest released Marathi film with a suitable title ‘Swami Tinhi Jagacha Aai Vina Bhikari‘. This film is a remake of a popular Tamil film ‘Pichaikkaran‘, and does not deviate from its original style and goes exactly the South way to offer a typical entertainment formula for the lovers of such action films with emotional touch.

Swwapnil Joshi in Marathi movie 'Bhikari'

Swwapnil Joshi in Marathi movie ‘Bhikari

On completing his higher education in London, besides singing and dancing with his colleagues over there, Samrat Jaikar( Swwapnil Joshi) , a rich but sensible young man returns to India to join his beloved mother and industrialist Sharda Devi( Kirti Adarkar). The mother hands over the entire business in her son’s name and takes him to the industrial unit, to introduce him to the workers. But, unfortunately she meets with an accident in factory and is moved to the hospital, only to be declared in Coma. Samrat does all types of treatments for the next few months including Ayurveda. But, the mother fails to respond. One day, he comes across a Swami ( Madhav Abhaynakr) who after understanding his problem, questions him, as to what he could do for his mother? On his suggestion, Samrat agrees to turn a beggar for 48 days, by strictly hiding his identity. He takes his close associate (Guru Thakur) into confidence and leaves home under the pretext of business tour.

After Samrat joins a group of beggars around a temple, he experiences a different life. However, in the process, we find him falling in love with a girl Madhu who is into Pizza business. He also encounters all those bad guys one after the other and performs unbelievable fight scenes which match the standard of fight scenes performed by Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan & Ajay Devgn. Thanks to Abbas Ali Mogul for making our Marathi film hero look like a real superman. He has reduced a lot of field work of debutant director Ganesh Acharya. Even two songs in this film have been choreographed very well by Rahul & Sanjeev the choreography assistants of Ganesh Acharya. Mahesh Limaye’s camera work has also captured some action and emotion filled moments very well. So, what is left for director Ganesh Acharya? The audience will have to decide. However, after the end of the film, he performs a dance on Ganapati song, perhaps for the film’s promotion.

The film ‘Bhikari‘ entirely belongs to Marathi’s first superhero Swwapnil Joshi, who has performed his character very sincerely with total commitment. Hindi TV actress Rucha Inamdar offers good support . In the limited but important role of Mother Shardadevi, theatre and TV actress Kirti Adarkar is impressive. Among the character artistes Guru Thakur, Milind Shinde, Sayaji Shinde and many other theatre and television artistes have also done well through their respective roles. Though this film’s story has an emotional touch, the director has used the original South formula to offer an entertainment package for lovers of such type of action films. If you like those action filled south films dubbed in Hindi and shown on various television channels, this film is just for you. But, certainly not for others, who love sensible out of the box Marathi films.

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