‘Charandas Chor’ takes you on a roller coaster ride

Charandas Chor Marathi Movie Poster
Movie: Charandas Chor
Genres: Drama
Censor: U
Duration: 120 min.
Studio / Presenter: Uknit Productions
Producer: Sanju Holmukhe
DOP: Sumit Suryawanshi
Director: Shyam Maheshwari
Cast:  Abhay Chavan, Sonam Pawar, Adesh Aware, Milind Oak, Mukund Wasule, Anuya Baiche, Ravindra Gurjar, Indubai Tambe
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Only last week, we saw a simple story developed into an interesting screenplay in the film ‘Gachchi‘. And now, this Friday we have another such film written and directed by Shyam Maheshwari , which takes you on a roller coaster ride, through its interesting humour filled screenplay. Having gained a lot of experience of small screen in Hindi with his popular ‘k’ series offerings of Balaji telefilms, this is Shyam’s debut Marathi film. So, proper care has been taken by him to entertain the Marathi audience.

Actor Abhay Chavan in Movie 'Charandas Chor'

Actor Abhay Chavan in Movie ‘Charandas Chor

Through ‘Charandas Chor‘ film the writer-director presents a journey of a thief Charan( Abhay Chavan) , who works as an assistant in production department of a Film company. In turn of events, Charan gets the possession of a colourful trunk containing Rs. 2 crore original cash and he decides to run away with it to his native place in Chiplun. On his journey, he encounters those people, who rob some money from this trunk. On reaching his hometown, Charan encounters few more people who are curious to know the contents in the trunk in his possession, but his innocent but intelligent nephew Vishnu( Aadesh Avare) along with his pet dog Moti protect his possession with new ideas. Vishnu also names the trunk as ‘Shyamrao bank’.

Soon Charan comes across a young girl Saloni (Sonam Pawar) from the village, who is from a business family. She involves Charan into some social work undertaken by her in the village, which brings two youngsters closer. On the advice of little Vishnu, Charan takes Saloni into confidence and tells her the truth about the trunk in his possession. What transpires in the concluding part of the film, is a surprise to the audience. From start till end, writer-director Shyam Maheshwari has succeeded in keeping the audience involved into the journey of Charan and the trunk in his possession, which is just like another character in the film called Shyamrao.

'Charandas Chor' Marathi Film

‘Charandas Chor’ Marathi Film

The selection of characters have been perfect, especially the lead hero played by Abhay Chavan and his nephew played by Aadesh Aware. Both together have generated lots of humour through all the scenes to their share. The young leading lady of the film arrives on screen after interval , but she too has impressed with her character of Saloni. Creative director Sanju Holmukhe makes his presence through the wonderful development of a simple story. Sumeet Suryavanshi’s cinematography has captured the picturesque Chiplun brilliantly. Good support comes from Sound designers and music team. All in all, ‘Charandas Chor‘ is certainly a worth watch, as it offers good entertainment.

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