‘Chhand Priticha’ restores traditional Tamasha art in Marathi films

Chhand Priticha Marathi Film
Movie: Chhand Priticha
Rating: ★★★
Genres: Drama
Censor: UA
Duration: 130 min.
Studio / Presenter: Premla Pictures
Producer(s): Chandrakant Jadhav
Director: N. Relekar
Cast:  Subodh Bhave, Harsh Kulkarni, Suvarna Kale, Sharad Ponkshe, Vikas Samudre
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Tamasha art has always been the traditional form of Marathi theatre in the state of Maharashtra. It has also been the subject of several Marathi films, since 50s. There were many films based on tamasha art, offering plenty of scope for lavani dance and music. In 1972 Late V. Shantaram presented a Tamasha based film ‘Pinjra‘, which turned out to be a super hit film, as it had a very good story. But, after that no tamasha based film could achieve that success till 2010, when ‘Natarang‘ created new records, because of its script and popular dances based on Tamasha art . Later, there was a film ‘Bugadi Majhi Sandali Ga‘ in 2014, which was Miss Universe Manasi Moghe’s debut film, also based on tamasha, but it failed to appeal.

Now, Producer Chandrakant Jadhav and director N.Relekar have dared to present one such film ‘Chhand Priticha‘ based on tamasha art. The film is based on the Marathi play with the same name by the same writer and director, who has succeeded in presenting a different love story, starring a triangle of Subodh Bhave, Harsh Kulkarni & Suvarna Kale in the lead. The film is set on a village backdrop and during the era of 70s , where we find Shahir ( Harsh Kulkarni) from a well to do family and with a big heart, in love with Chandrika Chemburkar ( Suvarna Kale) who is known to her since his childhood. Chandrika is an orphan and daughter of a Tamasha artiste doing domestic work out of compulsion for her living.

Marathi movie 'Chhand Priticha'

Subodh Bhave Suvarna Kale, Harsh Kulkarni in Marathi movie ‘Chhand Priticha

When both grow up, Shahir’s Uncle ( Sharad Ponkshe) is opposed to his meeting Chandrika and therefore Shahir leaves the house and decides to start his own tamasha group by borrowing a loan. , He combines his lyrics with Chandrika’s performance. But, the group lacks good music, especially the Dholki, which forms the main instrument of tamasha. So, he goes in search of an artiste. After a long search, he finds a dholki player Rajaram( Subodh Bhave) and his handicapped partner who plays harmonium, who perform on the street corner and beg for their daily earnings. Both of them agree to work with Shahir’s group.They achieve big success. However, watching the talent of Rajaram, Chandrika falls in love with him and is willing to spend all her savings for his eye operation, which is possible only through a donor. Watching his beloved moving towards Rajaram, Shahir feels dejected and when he is insulted by Chandrika, he closes his group and walks away from her life.

The film concludes with an unusual climax. Director Relekar has presented his screenplay well, with very good support coming from all the artistes. Besides Subodh Bhave, who is in parallel hero’s role, the lead pair of Harsh Kulkarni and Suvarna kale have performed very well. Since the film covers the period film of 60s or 70s, Kolhapur boy Harsh Kulkarni has been given a look of former Marathi film hero Suryakant and the Pune girl Suvarna known for her Lavani shows ‘Shukrachi Chandani‘ has proved that she was the best choice for this role. Subodh Bhave does extremely well through his body language, as he plays a blind dholki performer in the film. Good support comes from Vikas Samudre, who has better scope in this film. Sharad Ponkshe is just namesake in this film.

The film does have few flaws. It begins with a flashback from the point, where one jailer notices a doctor in the jail. But, fails to return to that scene. Even, Chandrika’s sudden shift of love from her beloved Shahir to Rajaram, looks somewhat unrealistic. But overall, the film has been well presented, with good technical support such as Jitendra Achrekar’s superb camera work, Santosh Phutane’s remarkable art work and above all Pravin Kunvar‘s wonderful music and background music. Two songs in ‘Chhand Priticha‘ film are picturised very well. The film is targeted at small towns in Maharashtra, but for tamasha music lovers it is a good treat.

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