‘Dr. Prakash Baba Amte – The Real Hero’ is a well presented Biopic

Dr prakash baba amte movie
Rating: ★★★ ½
Genre: Drama, Biopic
Producers: Samruoddhi Cine World, Golden Globe
Director: Adv. Samruoddhi Porey
DOP: Mahesh Aney
Studio / Presenter: Essel Vision
Music: Rahul Ranade, Aniruddha Wankar
Cast: Nana Patekar, Sonali Kulkarni, Dr. Mohan Agashe, Tejashri Pradhan, Sushant Kakade, Bharat Ganeshpure, Ashish Chougule, Vinod Raut
Movie Review by: Keerti Kadam

Each one of us have fantasised about superheroes, some time or the other, as a child or as an adult, to tide over our difficulties in life. A selfless person, whom we may call a social worker, actually has been working for the welfare of tribals in Maharashtra, who were living in inhuman conditions. Son of social activist Baba Amte, who throughout his life worked for rehabilitating people, suffering from leprosy, Dr. Prakash Murlidhar Amte, is a living example of Superhero. Advocate Samruoddhi Porey, national award winning director has come out with a biopic on Dr. Prakash Baba Amte.

Baba Amte (Dr. Mohan Aagashe), who set up ‘Aanandvan’ for rehabilitation of leprosy stricken patients/people, who could not afford medical treatment, takes his family for a picnic to ‘Hemalkasa’, and his elder son, Prakash, gets intrigued by seeing the plight of tribals there. Baba Amte wanted to set up facilitation centre there, but Prakash, a medico by profession, volunteers to go to Hemalkasa for the same, knowing fully well, about hardships to be faced and giving up luxuries of comfortable life. Dr. Manda (Sonali Kulkarni), newly married wife of Dr. Prakash Amte ( Nana Patekar), readily agrees to accompany him, in spite of hailing from a well to do family. In dense forest, infested by Naxalites, neglected by government authorities, they set up, with the help of few dependable associates, a medical centre in huts, where they choose to reside too. Difficulties galore like non-communication; due to alien language, age old tribal customs. But, these super human beings, bring these ‘Aadivasis’ to mainstream and even treat wild animals, as part of their family.

Prakash Amte Nana Patekar Sonali Kulkarni
A salute to the producers, for presenting this true story in the form of a mainstream cinema. Thanks to Director for handling this sensible subject with sincerity and maturity. The screenplay, with true life incidents is compact and does not keep lingering. Dialogues are the backbone of this script and lift it to another level. They throw light on realities with subtle humour interspersed. Incidentally, each scene says something, to make you think and that’s a plus. The director is successful in maintaining the required pace in storytelling and with some witty dialogues, this serious subject doesn’t become boring. Music (Rahul Ranade, Aniruddha Wankar) has little importance, but is apt and doesn’t halt the pace of the film. Background score is noteworthy, creating required impact. Cinematography (Mahesh Aney) is engrossing with different angles capturing raw forest beauty. Dr. Mohan Aagashe has convincingly portrayed Baba Amte. Sonali Kulkarni has rendered a sterling performance as Dr. Manda, wife of Dr. Prakash Amte. A loving wife, mother, doctor, caretaker, supporter of husband’s every decision, she moves through the frames with utmost ease.

Nana Pateker as Dr. Prakash Baba Amte towers above everyone and is outstanding. His empowering portrayal of Dr Prakash Amte is, as if he is conveying his own story. To act simple is the most difficult thing and Nana does it explicitly. He has fiddled with humour in an expansive way so that seriousness doesn’t overpower the scenes. He is so perfect. This can be termed as one of his best performances.

All superficial superheroes make way, The Real Hero is here, Dr. Prakash Baba Amte.

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