Galgale nighale
Rating: na
Presentor: Zee Talkies
Company: Shree Sai Productions
Producers: Bela Shinde
Director: Kedar Shinde
Music: Ashok Patki, Vaishali Samant
Singer: Vaishali Samant
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues: Mangesh Kulkarni
Cast: Bharat Jadhav, Siddhart Jadhav, Ramesh Deo, Ketakee Thatte, Santosh Mayekar, Kamalakar Saatpute, Vithhal Umap, Sunil Ranade, Archana Gayakwar
Movie Review by:  Pradip Patil

Zee talkies and Kedar Shinde, Bharat Jadhav as Galgale, a star cast consiting of Siddharth Jadhav, Ramesh Dev and Vitthal Umap. Everything about ‘Galgale Nighale…’ is Class one, so the expectations are sky high. But unfortunately, it turns out be one the worst films made in recent times. It’s really saddening to see so many talented people associated with such a bad film.

Kedar’s all previous films are known for sheer mind numbing energy which makes you overlook any illogicalities. But this time the film suffers from a lethargy that seems to have affected everyone associated with this movie. At certain times the film seems to take seriousness similar to that of RGV’s Sarkar and for the rest of times it reminds you of Akshay Kumar’s hit Welcome. But throughout those 2.15 hour, the film never finds its own form.

The film falters in every aspect. It has two of the most brilliant actors of current times and yet fails to take the full advantage. The weak story leads to even weaker screenplay. Even the maverick Kedar is out of form this time, It feels as if he has exhausted all his creativity. There are many moments in the cinema that will make you feel why someone even bothered to go ahead with such a silly thing. Characters make appearance for 5- 6 minutes and then disappear, only to reappear later on when you have almost forgotten about them. And I am not talking about secondary characters. All the main characters are treated similarly.
Initially it seems as if the film is attempting an exploration of Galgale’s world and why he behaves in an eccentric way, but this aspect is dealt with just a single scene and then focus shifts to mafia family and love story. There was ample scope to extract funny moments from the conflicts arising because of Galgale’s innocence and the mafia family, instead of that the film incorporates the murder mystery and that too a feeble one.
Galgale Nighale
The intial one hour seems almost unnecessary, the script could have done without involving Galgale’s office in it. The characters and the
scenes from Galgale’s workplace make no worthy contribution to the film.The Galgale’s antics seems torturous after initial few moments.

It offers nothing new. Those who have already seen Galgale in Sahi Re Sahi will be disgusted and those who are watching him for first time will be bored.

The only moment when the film shows some spark is 5 minutes before the interval, when Galgale (Bharat Jadhav) reaches Gauri’s (Ketaki Thatte) house. But it’s just a false hope, the second half is equally bad as the first half. The movie is so dull that the viewers won’t be bothered about anything about that is happening on the screen till the climax is reached, which is infact good for Kedar. Whatever happens during those ending reels is simply ridiculous.

The acting is nothing to write about. Bhara Jadhav as confused Galgale offers nothing new. The rest of the cast is also OK. The dialogs are totally off the mark and add to it the Koli language, it becomes almost impossible to understand what’s happening. The background music is just cheap imitation of some hindi films. One of the song has so loud music track that it’s hard to comprehend the lyrics. Even the makeup seems amaturish.

To sum it up, skip this and wait till the director and his team find their form next time. It’s in the best interest of all !

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