‘Garbh’ presents a typical story of exploitation of woman

Marathi Film Garbh
Rating: ★★ 1/2
Genres: Drama
Censor: U
Duration: 120 min.
Studio/presenter: Sheer Swami Vakratund Films
Producer(s): Rajendra Atol
Director: Subhash Ghorpade
Music: Ashok Wayangkar, Ravi Singhal
Writer: Ramesh Tiwari
Cinematographer (DOP): Arun Fasalkar
Cast: Siya Patil, Sushant Shelar, Nishigandha Wad, Yatin Karyekar, Anant Jog, Hemant Thatte, Vibhuti Patil, Pallavi Vaidya
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

In our Marathi film industry, during 60s and 70s , we have seen many films on women oriented subjects, where male folks were shown dominating the women. Later, in 80s and 90s, we saw women themselves harassing other women and now we are watching through television serials, we see the Saas-Bahu dramas. Now, combining all these different ways of harassments, producer Rajendra Ramchandra Aatol  and director Subhash Ghorpade thought of presenting a family social drama through their latest released Marathi film ‘Garbh’ with a tagline  ‘Kunkawache Astitva’.

Actress Siya Patil in Marathi Movie 'Garbh'

Actress Siya Patil in Marathi Movie ‘Garbh’

In this film, we witness two parallel stories of two couples running simultaneously in the screenplay. One is that of Sanjay Kulkarni( Hemant Thatte)  owner of Kulkarni Group of Companies & his wife Rekha Kulkarni ( Vibhuti Patil Thakur) and the other is that of youngsters Rahul Mhatre (Sushant Shelar) and Kavita (Siya Patil). When Rahul a collegian, finds kavita , his girlfriend form his college, being harassed by her Uncle ( Anant Jog) beyond limits, he takes a quick decision to marry her and brings his newly wed wife to his house, to give a big surprise to his parents. But,   realising the situation, the parents welcome their daughter in law, with a big heart. Rahul works hard and also finds a job of an accountant in Kulkarni Group of Company and that’s how the new link between Mhatre and Kulkarni family is established.

When Rahul meets with an accident, his pregnant wife seeks help from Rahul’s Boss- Sanjay Kulkarni, for huge money required for her husband’s operation. Rekha Kulkarni initially stops her husband from offering help. But, realising her own problem of not conceiving a child for 10 years, finds a good opportunity to force Kavita to enter into a contract against offering her help. Kavita sings on blank stamp paper, which results in a big drama taking place in the second half of this film. In the meanwhile, we notice some dramatic happenings in the story, to show how two different women face the challenges in their lives in different ways. So, it’s all about selfishness v/s sacrifice drama in the film. But, finally, it’s happy end for the audience.

Talking about the performances, both Sushant Shelar and Siya Patil have given satisfying performances. They find good support from Nishigandha Wad, Vandana Waknis,Yatin karyekar, Anant Jog,  Pallavi Vaidya and others.

All in all, ‘Garbh’ presents a typical story of exploitation of a woman, which has two different shades. Those who love to watch social family films on such serious subjects, may like this film; but for others looking for pure entertainment, may not enjoy it. The film does have 2-3 songs for music lovers, but, they disturb the continuity of the story. Arun Kulkarni’s dialogues are just fine, but the screenplay should have been made more gripping. Arun Fasalkar’s photography is good and so is the background music by Amar Desai.

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