‘Halal’ highlights the plight of a divorced Muslim Woman

Halal Marathi Film Poster
Movie: Halal
Rating: ★★★
Genres: Drama
Censor: UA
Duration: 130 min.
Studio / Presenter: Amol Kagne Films
Producer(s): Laxman Eknathrao Kagne, Amol Laxman Kagne
Director: Shivaji Lotan Patil
Writer: Rajan Khan
Cinematography (DOP): Ramani Ranjan Das
Cast:  Pritam Kagne, Chinmay Mandlekar, Priyadarshan Jadhav, Vijay Chavan, Chhaya Kadam, Amol Kagane, Vimal Mhatre, Sanjay Sugavkar
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

We have heard about the cases of divorced women reuniting with the same husband with mutual understanding before or even after the court judgment. But, in Muslim religion, this is not that easy. According to the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, a man cannot remarry a woman after triple talaq, unless she has already consummated her marriage with another man and then that new husband dies or divorces her. In this case, the marriage (Nikah) of the woman with her new husband is called ‘Nikah halala‘.

Incidentally, in a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court of India barred Instant Triple Talaq on 22nd August 2017 and asked the Parliament to make a law on this matter. Latest released Marathi film ‘Halal‘ directed by National award winning film director Shivaji Lotan Patil is based on this controversial talaq.

Marathi movie 'Halal' Still

Chinmay Mandlekar, Priyadarshan Jadhav & Pritam Kagne in Marathi movie ‘Halal’

Film ‘Halal‘ has chosen the subject of sufferings of a divorced Muslim woman. In this film, we find Halim ( Pritam Kagne) a young Muslim woman divorced by her husband Kuddus ( Priyadarshan Jadhav), through triple talaq procedure, only to relive her from the harassment by his mother at home. So, he drops her back to her parents.

Two year’s after the divorce, Kuddus, who otherwise loves his wife Halim, approaches Halim’s parents, after his mother’s death, to take her back home. But, Halim’s father ( Vijay Chavan ) and other villagers in the neighborhood remind him about the procedure in their religion. However, keeping in mind the good intention of his son in law, Halim’s father approaches Maulana of the Village (Chinmay Mandlekar) . Since there is no one coming forward for ‘Nikah halala‘, the Sarpanch ( Sanjay Sugaonkar) suggests the Maulana to be Halim’s second husband and the Maulana agrees for the temporary marriage to reunite Kuddus and Halim. But, Halim has to live with Maulana for three months, to complete the divorce procedure.

While Kuddus is busy preparing to welcome his wife back home, the helpful Maulana who is respected by the village community, also wants to keep his word. However, sudden developments take place in the screenplay and Halim has her say in the climax. The film certainly throws light on the plight of a helpless divorced muslim woman from a poor family. It is a timely subject and has been presented very well by the national award winning director Shivaji Lotan Patil. Some of the scenes involving villagers gossiping about Halim’s second marriage to maulana, don’t look natural. But, one should appreciate the subject , which is based on writer by Rajan Khan’s original story ‘Halala‘ and the efforts of producers Laxman and Amol kagne, who thought of giving cinematic look to this story.

Director Shivaji Lotan Patil has very effectively presented all his characters in the film. Priyadarshan Jadhav in the role of Kuddus does well to display his bold stand. Chinmay Mandlekar has been effective while portraying a respectable Maulana, but, he speaks only Hindi mixed with Urdu, in a Marathi speaking village. Surprisingly, in the entire film, he has not uttered a single Marathi dialogue. But, the surprise performance comes from Pritam Kagne, who has given a memorable performance in the lead role of Halim. She has not only expressed her emotions well in all the scenes, but has done remarkably well in the climax. Good support comes from other artistes like Vijay Chavan, Chhaya Kadam, Vimal Mhatre and others. Screenplay & dialogues by Nishant Dhapse are well presented.

The technical sides of the film are also worth appreciating, which include good cinematography by Ramani Ranjan Das, brilliant art by Santosh Samudre and superb make up for all the artistes by Laxman Jadhav. Music doesn’t have much scope, but Vijay Gatlewar has been able to give that required feel suited to this film through one song in the background. The film has already been screened at various International film festivals and has also won many awards. All in all, ‘Halal‘ is a timely film, which highlights very effectively, the plight of a divorced Muslim Woman.

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