‘Kanika’ –A ghost film with a social message

Kanika Marathi Movie Poster
Rating: ★★ 1/2
Genres: Revenge Horror Film
Censor: A
Duration: 120 min.
Studio/presenter: Seven Wonders Motion Pictures
Producer(s): Sandeep Manohar, Pushkar Manohar
Director: Pushkar Manohar
Music: Amey Nare
Writer: Pushkar Manohar
Cinematographer (DOP): Chandrashekhar Nagarkar
Cast: Sharad Ponkshe, Smita Shewale, Chaitrali Gupte , Kamlakar Saatpute, Falguni Rajni, Nilesh Behere
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Abortion of a female foetus outside of legal methods, is a crime in our country. We still find some of the doctors conducting sex determination tests and subsequent abortions at their clinics. In the state of Maharashtra too, we find many doctors arrested on these charges. Set on the backdrop of this criminal act, producer Sandeep Manohar and director Pushkar Manohar have presented their latest released Marathi film ‘Kanika’. And, to punish and teach a lesson to all those doctors involved in this illegal practice, they have used the ghost of a girl Kanika, who is killed by her own father, for being a girl child.

Sharad Ponkshe and Chaitrali Gupte

Sharad Ponkshe and Chaitrali Gupte, Marathi movie Kanika

Dr.Kaushik Pradhan( Sharad Ponkshe) runs a hospital and is also involved in such illegal practices, with the support of Dr.Sachin (Nilesh Behre) & Dr.Rashmi (Falguni Rajani). Vidya(Smita Shewale) is referred to Dr.Pradhan by his doctor friend from a village, for sex determination test during her pregnancy, as her husband and Mother in law want her to deliver only a baby boy. But, Vidya( Smita Shewale) refuses abortion and delivers baby girl, who is later killed by her own father. So, Kanika’s ghost later punishes all those doctors behind this illegal act. One by one she takes the revenge and finally sends Dr.Pradhan to a mental hospital, to make him realize his sin.

Kanika’ nearly two hour length film is technically well presented in the first half, but fails to capture the attention of audience in the later half. There are few lapses in the screenplay, such as the role of Dr.Pradhan’s Police Officer friend Rawal( Kamlakar Satpute), the presence of two female characters in the house, without establishing their relationship. Even, the doctor’s wife Vaishali( Chaitrali Gupte) is introduced as doctor, with a surprise, during the discussion between husband and wife in the later half of the film. Why the ghost troubles a watchman of the bungalow is not known. Doctor’s wife is spared by the ghost, but uses her to attack her husband. Similar other scenes, instead of scaring the audience, are entertaining. However, the intention of the film maker is good, to pass on a social message.

Sharad Ponkshe does well in the role of Dr.Pradhan. He finds good support from Chaitrali Gupte, who has played his doctor wife. In the limited role Vidya, Smita Shewale is impressive. Amey Nare and Sajan Patel have done a good job of offering suitable background music with impressive VFX by Shrikant Jadhav. Kuldeep Mehan’s editing work is good and so is the camera work by Chandrashekhar Nagarkar. All in all, ‘Kanika’ is a Ghost film with a social message .

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