Gangubai entertains; but the script fails to convince

Gangubai Non Matric
Rating: ★★ ½
Studio: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Producer: IRIS Productions, Vidyadhar Pathare
Writer, Director: Rajesh Deshpande
Camera: Sanjay Jadhav
Music: Shailendra Barve
Cast: Nirmiti Sawant, Pandharinath Kamble (Paddy), Nagesh Bhosale, Anand Ingale, Atul Todankar, Prasad Athaly, Jyoti Joshi
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Not all the popular stage plays and TV serials which are made in cinematic form, are well accepted. In Marathi, we have totally different audience for Stage, TV and films. Therefore, while adapting such themes for films, one needs to work very hard, to create a gripping screenplay; to hold the audience to their seats, for a little more than 2 hours in cinema hall. Further, when you make a comedy film, the dialogues are also equally important, besides enthralling screenplay.
Latest released Marathi film ‘Kum. Gangubai Non Matric’ produced by Vidyadhar Pathare and written & directed by Rajesh Deshpande presents popular TV serial pair Gangubai ( Nirmiti Sawant and Choo ( Paddy kamble) in a so called political action comedy, in the company of Nagesh Bhosale as opposition MLA from the same district place of Gangubai and Arun Ingale, playing the CM of the state.
In the beginning of the film, we find social activist Gangubai along with her associate Choo staging a demonstration, in front of the vehicle of Opposition MLA ( Nagesh Bhosale).She even dares to lift his Jeep, to indicate her strength. On the advice of his personal secretary Phadavnis ( Atul Todankar),the MLA plans to reveal a plan to Gangubai; which would not only enable her to meet her demands; but also become CM of the state, in due course of time.

Nirmiti Sawant

So, the audience is subjected to watch the kidnapping of CM’s ( Anand Ingale) wife (who resembles Gangubai). The next moment we find CM’s wife in the custody of Opposition MLA and Gangubai taking over as Ms.CM. Along with her, she brings her associate Choo dressed up as her female attendant. Time comes, when women representation in politics brings CM’s wife into active politics. With the support of CM and the opposition MLA coming together; this is made possible. Once, she takes over the position; she goes on extensive tour of villages, to study the problems of the people. Finally, she achieves, what she desired. And, after exposing the CM and his alliance partner in the climax , hands over the responsibility to his real wife; giving a clear indication that Maharashtra needs first woman CM.

The illogical sequences in the film’s screenplay, make this film an average action comedy. Actually, there was good scope to create comedy through this plot. But, many sequences take place in quick succession, taking the audience for granted. It is only the last 30 minutes of the film, is filled with action plus comedy. But, till that time, the film fails to hold grip on the comedy. There are few scenes which are filled with humour; but actually it is Nirmiti Sawant who entertains with her variety filled double role. Paddy kamble looks weird in the female make over. But, Nagesh Bhosale , Arun Ingale and Atul Todankar impress with their resourceful performance at different situations. However, talented actor kushal Badrike has been wasted in this film.

Music by Shailendra Barve is just okay; but, Sanjay Jadhav’s photography is excellent. He has captured both indoor as well as outdoor action photography very well. ‘Kum Gangubai Non Matric’ has therefore turned out to be just an average entertaining film, just because of the performance of Nirmiti Sawant .


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