‘Mr.& Mrs. Sadachari’ offer a south recipe of entertainment in Marathi

Mr And Mrs Sadachari Marathi Movie Poster
Rating: ★★★
Genres: Romantic Action Packed Love Story
Censor: U/A
Duration: 130 min
Studio/presenter: Indian Film Studios
Producer(s): Utpal Acharya, Ashish Wagh
Director: Ashish Wagh
Music: Pankaj Padghan, V. Harikrishna
Cinematographer (DOP): Balajee Rangha
Cast:  Vaibhav Tatwawdi, Prarthana Behere, Mohan Joshi, Uma Sardeshmukh,
Sumukhi Pendse, Prasad Javade, Uday Nene, Vijay Andalkar
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

In our Marathi film industry, there are different types of subjects presented through films. Some are, sensible story based realistic films, including biopics, which are welcomed now days. Others are traditional comedy films. But, for the past few years, we are also finding total commercial entertainment based films, which offer a complete package, i.e. romance, action, emotion and music together. Latest released film ‘Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari’ falls in this last category. Being a remake of hit Kannada film ‘Mr. & Mrs. Ramchari’, Producer director Ashish Wagh has found a copy book recipe, for this Marathi version. He has however made few changes, to meet the requirement of Marathi audience.

Mr And Mrs Sadachari, Vaibhav Tatwawdi Prathana Behere

Vaibhav Tatwawdi Prathana Behere In Marathi Movie ‘Mr. And Mrs Sadachari’

Now days, there is a wave of ‘Superhero’ films in Marathi, with tall and handsome Ankush Choudhary showing the way, by tossing his opponents in the air, during action sequences, in films like ‘Dagadi Chawl’ and ‘Guru’. Earlier, we had also seen Riteish Deshmukh doing the same stunts in ‘Lai Bhari’ and another angry young man Gashmir Mahajani doing it in ‘Carry On Maratha’. And now, we have one more superhero adding to this list. He is ‘Shiva’ played by upcoming Marathi actor Vaibhav Tatwawdi. Being blessed with good height and perfect physique, he too has proved in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari’ that he has stronger arms to take on six tough guys at a time.

The story of ‘Mr.& Mrs. Sadachari’ is about this Superhero Shiva( Vaibhav Tatwawdi) who is just an average student in his college but has a big heart, to help all those in trouble, be it, helping them, going out of his way or beating up those harassing the girls. Above all, he gets all his strength from great Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, whom he adores through his heart. One day, he rescues beautiful Gargi, who is about to be molested by a self styled baddie ( Vijay Andalkar) in the college. Gargi is highly impressed by the guts shown by Shiva and there is love at first sight, for both of them. But, their love doesn’t last for long, due to some mix up and they break- up. At this stage, the story of this film, almost goes on the lines of recently released film ‘Friends’. And, we feel, as if we are watching another ‘Friends’. But, in the post interval stage, we notice the high emotion filled drama, between father( Mohan Joshi) and son Shiva. Taking few twists and turns, in the concluding part of the film, we finally see Shiva and Gargi together, in a typical Bollywood style climax.

The lead pair of Vaibhav and Prathana have a good chemistry between them and therefore they suit well, in all their romantic and dispute scenes. There are some emotion filled scenes of Vaibhav with his screen father Mohan Joshi too and the talented actor has proved his ability in this area also. Watch that scene, when his father forces him to show his dance skills, late in the midnight hours. As an actor, Vaibhav has been given enough scope to show his all round skills, in this film. Good support comes from his co star Prathana Behere and other supporting senior artistes Mohan Joshi and Pradeep Velankar.

Among the youngsters, Prasad Javade , Anuja Sathe Gokhale & Uday Nene look confident in their respective roles. Vijay Andalkar has been wasted as a typical villain of 70s and 80s bollywood films, who keeps on appearing again and again, in spite of being beaten up badly, by the hero, every time. The film has very good music composed by Pankaj Padghan & V.Harikrishna. Even the songs of the film are either shot with good choreography with colourful costumes or at beautiful locations including Mauritius with good photography by Balaji Ranga . Some of the dialogues in the film are well written, to suit the taste of Marathi audience .

There are few illogical sequences and also few predictable happenings seen in this film; but we often notice them in many bollywood successful commercial films. More than required time, has also been wasted in showing smoking and drinking scenes, with statutory warning flashed at the bottom of the screen. But, all in all , ‘Mr.& Mrs. Sadachari’ offer a perfect south recipe of entertainment in Marathi. Those who love such types of action films, combined with romance, emotion and music, may like this film.

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