‘Nagpur Adhiveshan’ presents routine political satire

Nagpur Adhiveshan Ek Sahal Film Poster
Rating: ★★½
Genres: Drama
Censor: A
Duration: 120 min.
Studio/presenter: Vidharba Pictures
Producer(s): Anil Keshavaji Jalamkar
Director: Nilesh Raosaheb Jalamkar
Music: Amit Tale
Writer: Nilesh Raosaheb Jalamkar
Cinematographer (DOP): Chandrakant Meher
Cast: Makrand Anaspure, Bharat Ganeshpure, Mohan Joshi, Ajinkya Deo, Vinit Bhonde, Sankarshan Karahade, Dipali Jagtap, Chetan Dalvi, Amol Tale, Sneha Chavhan
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Films on the backdrop of political situation in Maharashtra, are not new to Marathi film lovers. In the past, films like ‘Samna‘, ‘Sarkarnama‘, ‘Made In China‘ invited attention of many film lovers, for presenting the political situation especially in Maharashtra very realistically. However, in the recent past, none of the film makers could present their films on this subject effectively, so as to hold the film goers to their seats from start to finish. Some film makers did attempt political satire, to entertain the audience.

Latest released Marathi film ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan- Ek Sahal‘ also presents a light comedy, on the backdrop of Winter session of Maharashtra legislature, held every year in the orange city. Produced by Anil Keshavrao Jalamkar and directed by Nilesh Raosaheb Jalamkar this film presents the effect of this session on the officials of State Government department housed there. The film focuses on all such employees busy in meeting the demands of the visiting elected representatives, through corrupt practices. Through different characters, the film tries to show the attitude of each one of them, engaged in ‘give and take’ business.

Ajinkya Deo in Marathi  film Nagpur Adhiveshan

Ajinkya Deo in Marathi film ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan Ek Sahal’

The film begins with a leader of the opposition Prataprao ( Ajinkya Deo) planning a cycle march from his village to Nagpur,to show his strength to gain political mileage; but faces opposition from a young protagonist Aju ( Amol Tale) from his village. Somehow, he manages to convince him to accompany him along with his followers. However, on reaching Nagpur, Prataprao plays his political game with the help of his local Political worker Waghmare ( Bharat Ganeshpure ) based in Nagpur , who seeks help of a clerk from Government office Mr. Solanke ( Makarand Anaspure ) and his team.

The film does not pass any strong social message, but has tried to show the excitement amongst the leaders attending the sessions , who are in a picnic mood instead of discussing the problems faced by the people. All these events have been picturised to generate some humour. However, the film’s screenplay fails to pick up till interval. Even after interval, there are not many interesting happenings, giving it a look of a routine political satire. It is only towards the climax, the screenplay presents some hilarious moments. The intention of writer-director has been good while presenting this subject, but he has not been able to make it gripping. In an attempt to offer scope to every important actor in this film, he has lost the track.

In the beginning of the film, you are under the impression that Ajinkya Deo is the hero of this film. Then, the focus is shifted on Amol Tale and soon you find Makarand Anaspure and Bharat Ganeshpure getting the attention. But, there is also time given to young Sankarshan Karhade, who finds his space to romance with Sneha Chavan. Then, there are other artistes like Mohan Joshi, Chetan Dalvi, Satish Phadke, Deepali Jagtap and Vinit Bhonde , who find their share as supporting artistes. All of them have given good performances, with Mohan Joshi attempting something different. The film’s music is not very impressive, as there are two conventional style songs, but the film’s cinematography is good, capturing some outdoor locations of Nagpur skillfully.

All in all, ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan Ek Sahal‘ presents a routine political satire and is a timely release as the winter session of State legislature is going on in Nagpur.

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