‘Paaradh’ highlights the socio – political issue

Paaradh Marathi Movie
Rating: na
Presenter: Amogh Cinetones
Producer: Anuradha Talati
Director: Gajendra Ahire
Story: Gajendra Ahire
Camera: Chandrashekar Iyer
Music: Rahul Ranade
Cast: Siddharth Jadhav, Makarand Anaspure, Hemangi Kavi Dhumal, Ravi Kale,
Vrinda Gajendra, Vinay Apte, Amogh Talathi, Vitthal Umap, Milind Shinde
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Marathi films are back on the traditional track with tales of exploitation of rural poor. Only difference that we find now is the change of characters. The place of shrewd Zamindar or Village Sarpanch has been taken by selfish politicians, who are in search of youngsters to dance on their tunes to meet their personal goals. Gajendra Ahire’s latest film ‘Paaradh’ is no different from all those traditional Marathi films, but it sends out a strong message to today’s directionless youth; who are blindly following their leaders. Through this film, the maverick film maker makes a clear point of exploitation of rural youth by a power hungry politician, who uses them for his political gains and later sidelines them only to be killed by his opponents.

Ambadas (Makarand Anaspure) and his right hand Bappa( Milind Shinde) are involved in all such unethical practices at District level to prove their strength. They don’t miss a single opportunity to blackmail their own party seniors and one such victim is Prataprao(Vinay Apte). They first capture the dairy co-operative business with the help of young jobless youths from the village. Ambadas does not stop here, as his political ambitions are much higher. He dares to challenge even his party chief- Appa (identity not revealed) by exposing him with his wrong deeds with the help of his most trusted party worker Yashwant ( Siddharth Jadhav), whom he calls ‘Wagh (Tiger)’.
Hemangi Kavi Dhumal

Yashwant-a small time party worker, who blindly follows the orders of his boss, suddenly comes into limelight. It is at this time Ambadas ditches him. His right hand Bappa, knowing the weaknesses of his boss, plays all dirty games in his name and even lures Yashwant’s younger sister Indu (Hemangi Kavi Dhumal) . Yashwant who belongs to a Warkari family, is the most notorious character in the family, who neither obeys his old father( Vitthal Omap) nor elder brother(Ravi Kale), who is a farmer.

Yashwant’s younger brother Anand (Amogh Talathi) , who is the mute witness to all the events the family faces, is actually the narrator in the film. The entire film is based on the political gimmicks of Ambadas and his link with Yashwant and his family. Finally, it is not only Yashwant who suffers, but his family members too. In the end of the film, Anand as a narrator tells that Siddharth who is undergoing sentence for the murder of Amabadas and Bappa, has one more year left for release and that his elder brother who had gone in search for justice is still missing. His sister-in-law(Vrinda Gajendra) works in the field and his ambitious sister Indu heads the women’s wing of the district. Finally, he concludes saying that he himself is well settled in a district place with his job and his son studying in a good Public school.

‘Paaradh’ begins well with realistic approach but drags in the second half with too many chase scenes, where Yashwant runs for his life, having been ditched by Ambadas. The characters of Ambadas, Yashwant, his elder brother ,his sister-in-law and sister Indu look realistic. The person who invites the attention is Milind Shinde in the role of Bappa. With his perfect visual expressions and body language, he has been able to present a real villain of Marathi films. Vinay Apte has been wasted in that role of Politician. There is no strength in his role, though he plays it with ease. Can’t find the reason for hiding the identity of Party chief. But, looking at the performances from Siddharth Jadhav, Makarand Anaspure, Hemangi Kavi Dhumal, Ravi Kale and Vrinda Gajendra, you tend to forget those few flaws in the film. Camera work by Chandrashekhar Iyer, Background music by Rahul Ranade and editing work by Rahul Bhatankar is pleasing.

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