‘Premay Namah’ is just another love story on big screen…

Premay Namah Marathi Film
Rating: ★★
Genres: Drama
Censor: U
Duration: 120 min.
Studio/presenter: White Onion Entertainment
Producer(s): Uttam Chorade, Suyog Gaikwad
Director: Jagdish Watharkar
Music: Chandrashekhar Janawade, K. Sandeep Kumar
Writer: Shashikant Kamble
Cinematographer (DOP): Dhanaji Yamkar
Cast: Devendra Chougule, Rupali Krishnrao, Surekha Kudchi, Prakash Dhotre, Miss Sayali Magdum, Milind Oak, Narendra Desai, Snehal Raj
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

There was a time, when Kolhapur used to be the most active centre of Marathi film production. But, after 80s Marathi film makers preferred the locations in and around Mumbai with the help of studios and bungalows located in Mumbai. However, some film makers still prefer Kolhapur and sea belt of Konkan as the backdrop of their films. Producer Uttam Chorade and director Jagadish Vatharkar have offered their latest film ‘Premaya Namah‘ on the backdrop of today’s well developed Kolhapur city and picturesque Gaganbawda.

So, we find a young man Prem( Devendra Chougule) , the only son from a wealthy family, falling in love with a girl Preeti ( Rupali Krishnarao), after he meets her outside a departmental stores. It’s a love at first sight. On this very first occasion, he helps her find her money purse snatched by a thief, but she casually thanks him. Prem happens to meet her again and again, but Preeti ignores him, thinking him to be a roadside romeo. Bythe way, there is a real road romeo and a gang leader also after her and Prem encounters him and his goons, showing his muscle power. Finally, Prem along with his mother( Surekha Kudchi) arrive few days in advance, to attend the wedding ceremony of his mother’s close friend’s daughter. Here he discovers that the girl getting married is Preeti.

Devendra Chougule and Rupali Krishnrao in Marathi movie 'Premay Namah'

Devendra Chougule and Rupali Krishnrao , Marathi movie ‘Premay Namah

Dejected, he decides to return home, but Preeti stops him and boldly suggests him to elope with her. Preeti’s parents hand over the responsibility of their daughter’s marriage to Prem. Now, in dilemma, Prem has his own plans . The conclusion of this love story is not predictable, which is the only surprise in the film. But, the rest of the happenings are in typical bollywood style of films during 60s and 70s. However, the chemistry between the lead pair doesn’t work well. There is a name sake villain and his character is not at all convincing in the plot. With such a theme, the film fails to create an impact on real film lovers, as it lacks proper presentation in the screenplay. The length of the film is also too long, stretching almost to 2 and half hours.

The hero Devendra who is shown a 20+ youngster in this film, isn’t very convincing, as he doesn’t look like a real young romantic hero. On many occasions he is shown imitating styles of Shahrukh Khan and does overacting in emotion filled long scenes. He is only good in action scenes, as an angry young man. However, the actress Rupali with her Marathi & Hindi television background, has impressed through her performance. Among others, Surekha Kudchi and Prakash Dhotre have offered good support, but the actor Bharat Daini in Villain’s role has failed to impress.

There are very few things worth appreciating in this film and they include good background music and decent cinematography which has captured outdoor locations and one underwater song picturisation very well. Even some action scenes with the help of special effects, have been shot well. All in all, ‘Premay Namah‘ can be described as just another love story in Marathi, on big screen.

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