‘Premsutra’ plays a new game of love

Premsutra Marathi Movie
Rating: ★★★
Studio: Kshitij Entertainment, Kathakaar
Producer: Rajaram Parmar
Director: Tejas Vijay Deoskar
Music: Susmit Limaye
Cinematography: Pushpank Gawade
Cast: Sandeep Kulkarni, Pallavi Subhash, Shruti Marathe, Lokesh Gupte,
Shishir Sharma, Ila Bhate, Pradeep Athawale, Prasad Pandit, Subha Khote
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

“Pure love is readiness to give everything, without expecting anything in return.” Sanjay Vijay Deoskar’s new film ‘Premsutra’ revolves around one such theme, which goes on to define love, in its own style. It revolves around a 35 year old Mine Engineer Anand alias Andy Joshi( Sandeep Kulkarni) from Mumbai , who is a bachelor and on a job assignment in picturesque Goa. Andy, is not serious about marriage and is more focussed on his career. He becomes friendly with a young local Christian girl Saniya( Pallavi Subhash) . Initially, it is a good friendship, which moves into bed, with mutual consent . And soon, Saniya gets pregnant.
Saniya does not expect much from Andy in return; but, does keep him informed that she would deliver the child; even if he doesn’t marry her. This scene takes place at a time, when his office colleague Sujit ( Lokesh Gupte) and his Boss’( Shishir Sharma) daughter Malvika( Shruti Marathe) are around. Malvika is for a surprise, as she is deeply in love with Andy and wants to marry him at any cost. But, Sujit who is after Malvika; doesn’t get any response. Back in Mumbai, when Malvika tries to come closer to Andy, he tries to keep her away. Now, desperate to teach Andy a lesson, Malvika marries Sujit; who is just looking for that opportunity to rise above in his career.

But, the Boss has different plans in his mind. In the post interval session, we find all that which we see happen in high society and big corporate houses. It is a real test of Andy, when he gets a tempting offer, with a trap. But, all goes well at the end. With this little less than 2 hour long film; director Sanjay Deoskar has offered a simple, but well presented subject.Having already seen two films during this year, on this topic of Prem( love); this film plays a new game of love.
Pallavi Subhash

Through the character of Andy, Sandeep Kulkarni has tried to depict the conscience in a typical upright person, with his fine performance in a romantic role ; while Lokesh Guopte through Sujit;’s role , has tried to show the attitude of a selfish person, with complete understanding. His character aspires to become richer, marrying Malvika for his double gain. In the role of Sania, Pallavi Subhash perfectly fits into the character of a young Goan girl, who is willing to take risk in her life, to find her real love. The model turned film actress simply looks stunning, in almost all the scenes and has performed with ease. Shruti Marathe does a fine job to present Malvika- a young female from high society, who feels that money can buy everything . Though she looks pretty in close up scenes, she is found overweight in all those different costumes she displays, in comparison to slim and fit Pallavi.

Restricting the important characters in the form of close relatives of Andy and Saniya, the director has also very cleverly shown the lifestyle of Goa, in comparison to conservative Mumbai culture. Shubha Khote represents a perfect Goan grandmother cum advisor of Sania, while Shishir Sharma plays a shrewd Company chief and selfish father of a demanding daughter.

The chemistry of Sandeep and Pallvi works well with in this film. Their happy moments have been picturised well on the backdrop of picturesque Goa. Shubha Khote has a limited role; but she does make her presence felt. Others in the supporting cast like Ila Bhate, Pradeep Athavale,Prasad Pandit and others have offered good support in their small roles.

Music by Susmit Limaye plays an important role in the film with songs suited to the situations; besides good photography and perfect sound effects. ‘Premsutra’ has therefore turned out to be a clean romantic musical film; for a change.

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