‘Rangaa Patangaa’ offers serious issue in a humorous way

Rangaa Patangaa Marathi Movie
Rating: ★★★ ½
Genres: Social Drama
Censor: U
Duration: 130 Min.
Studio/presenter: Bipin Shah Motion Pictures, Flying God Films, Vishwas Media And Entertainment
Producer(s): Amol Vasant Gole, Rajesh Dempo, Madhavi Sameer Shetty
Director: Prasad Namjoshi
Writer: Chinmay Patankar
Music: Kaushal Inamdar
Cinematographer (DOP):  Amol Vasant Gole
Cast: Makarand Anaspure, Sandeep Pathak, Nandita Dhuri, Suhas Palshikar, Bharat Ganeshpure, Gauri Konge, Abhay Mahajan.
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

As a writer, Prasad Namjoshi had already earned a name. His book ‘Short Cut‘ has already won the State Government’s Literary award and as a Film writer, he has two films to his credit, ‘Kapus Kondyachi Goshta‘ and ‘Highway Touch Guntha Mantri‘. Now, through cinematographer turned Producer Amol Gole’s Marathi film ‘Rangaa Patangaa‘ , he got an opportunity to make his debut as a director. And, he has succeeded in offering a serious issue in a humorous way, very tactfully.

Rangaa Patangaa Marathi Movie

Makarand Anaspure and Sandeep Pathak in Marathi movie ‘Rangaa Patangaa’

Set on the backdrop of rural Maharashtra, the film presents the story of a poor Muslim farmer, who lives with his wife Noor and his two bullocks, whom he treats like his own children. One day, his bulls go missing and worried Jumman goes to local Police station to record the missing complaint. But, he is driven out by the Policeman.

Helpless Jumman with the help of his dear friend Popat, then goes in search of the bulls Rangaa and Patangaa. During their search, they come across reporters of a News channel, who have arrived in their village, to cover the drought situation. When the reporters seek help from Popat, they come to know about the incidence of missing bulls of Jumman. And, they find this story more interesting. With the breaking of this news all over the state, it causes concern to the local administration at District level and a Police Officer is deputed to investigate the case of missing bulls. In the meanwhile, we find other TV channel people also following the same story, trying to compete with their rival channels.

Fed up of this nuisance, finally, we find Jumman going all alone in search of his bulls and succeeds in tracing them, with the efforts also put in by investigating Police officer and the reporters of TV channel, who first disclose this story. It is a simple story, but very effectively presented through interesting screenplay and humor filled dialogues, penned by the director himself. Makarand Anaspure in the role of Jumman has proved that he is not only a good comedian; but can also perform serious type of roles with full commitment. In the film, he has found excellent support from Sandeep Pathak, who has played the role of his friend Popat, with total conviction. Good support also comes from Nandita Dhuri, who looks so natural in the role of Noor, wife of Jumman. Comedian Bharat Ganeshpure suits well, in the character of a Minister, though he has limited role.

Among others, who have made this film more realistic are Gauri Konge as Popat’s wife, Suhas Palshikar as Head of the village, Umesh Jagtap as Police Constable, Hardik Joshi as investigating ACP and Abhay Mahajan as News channel reporter. Kaushal Inamdar has done a wonderful job of composing a Ghazal and a Qauwwali , based on the same lyrics. Anmol Bhave’s sound design is perfect, from beginning scene till the end of the film. Amol Gole has captured the progress of events in Jumman’s life, very creatively, through his Len’s eye. After all this was his own film. All in all, ‘Rangaa Patangaa’ is an emotion filled entertaining film.

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