‘Sairat’ offers a bitter dose in a sugar coated pill

Sairat Marathi Film Poster
Rating: ★★★ ½
Genres: Drama
Censor: U
Duration: 165 Min.
Studio/presenter: Essel Vision, Aatpat Production
Producer(s): Nitin Keni, Nikhil Sane, Nagraj Manjule
Director: Nagraj Manjule
Writer: Nagraj Manjule
Music: Ajay Atul
Cinematographer (DOP): Sudhakar Yakkanti Reddy
Cast: Rinku Rajguru, Akash Thosar,Tanaji Galgunde, Arbaj Shaikh, Dhananjay Nanavare, Anuja Mulay, Nagraj Manjule, Chhaya Kadam
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Some films are made for masses, which are called commercial films; while those with hard hitting subjects with a social message, are categorized as festival kind of films, watched by selected film lovers. But, what if one has to offer a hard hitting social subject for the masses ? In that case, the bitter subject of the film has to be sugar coated, with all those ingredients, required, to pull the crowd to the theatres. This is what the makers of the film ‘Sairat‘ have done, to present this story, wrapped up with good music and supported by college days love story, made interesting with well developed screenplay and humor filled dialogues.

Rinku Rajguru Sairat Marathi Movie

Rinku Rajguru in Marathi Movie ‘Sairat’

Set on the backdrop of a village in Solapur district, the love story of collegians Parshya and Aarchie blossoms, with both getting intensely involved with each other. In the later stage of their love, it is Aarchie who is shown more bolder than Parshya, in taking certain decisions. After facing stiff opposition from her father, towards their love, Aarchie takes up the bold decision to flee with Parshya. Both manage to dodge the deadly chase by men sent by Aarchie’s father for their hunt, wherever they move. Finally, they reach Hyderabad. But, things are not easy there too. Luckily, a local lady migrated from Solapur, helps them, after understanding their story. She not only offers them shelter in a room in slums of Hyderabad, but also helps them to earn for their living.

It is at this stage, we notice the direction of Nagraj Manjule, to show the realities in the lives of this young couples. Very cleverly, he has shown their journey, filled with challenges. He does take his own time, to show their struggle for survival, including their marriage and happy moments in their life. However, towards the end, he makes the audience ponder on reality. And, this is where Nagraj Manjule makes his point, as a director.

Akash Thosar Sairat Marathi Film

Akash Thosar in Marathi movie ‘Sairat’

The film is no doubt entertaining, in the first half, with all the songs covered in the first session, which stretches almost to one hour thirty minutes. Even in the post interval stage, after the youngsters arrive in Hyderabad, till the time of their marriage, a lot of time has been wasted, making this total 2 hours 45 minutes long film.

The film certainly scores on account of its wonderful music by Ajay Atul. All the four songs have been picturised well. Thanks to the superb camera work of Sudhakar Reddy. The two youngsters Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar have given full justice to their characters. Especially, Rinku stands out, with flying colours on her grand debut. Good support also comes from Aakash’s two friends Tanaji & Arbaaz & Sumantai played by Chhaya Kadam and others. There are few scenes in the film, like Parshya’s two friends eating Ghutka openly and Aarchie’s arrogant brother slapping the professor in the class; which are not convincing and send a wrong message. Barring these flaws, ‘Sairat‘ is like offering a bitter dose in a sugar coated pill.

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