‘Siddhant’ makes life easy, using Mathematics principle

Siddhant Marathi film

Rating: ★★★ ½
Studio/presenter: Navalakha Arts & Holy basil Productions
Producers: Nilesh Navalakha, Vivek Kajaria, Amit Ahirrao
Director: Vivek Wagh
Writer: Shekhar Dhavalikar
Editor: Mayur Hardas
Genres: Drama
Censor: U/A
Duration: 120 Min.
Cast: Vikram Gokhale, Swati Chitnis, Sarang Sathaye, Kishore Kadam, Ganesh Yadav, Neha Mahajan, Madhavi Soman, Kanchan Jadhav  & Archit Deodhar

There is a famous saying “Mathematics may not teach us how to add love or minus hate. But, it gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution.” Based on this philosophy, director  Vivek Wagh has presented  an emotional relationship between Grandfather Appa Thosar ( Vikram Gokhale) and Grandson Vakratunda ( Archit Deodhar) living in a coastal town Dive Aagar, off Alibaug.

While the grandfather Appa  is a retired mathematician, his grandson Vakratunda is very weak in understanding Mathematics. Vakratunda has lost his parents in an unfortunate accident, so he lives with his Grandfather besides Uncle Gaja Kaka and Aunty  who run a family business of a small packaged food factory. Vakratunda’s elder brother Madhav( Sarang Sathe)  has left the house, only to turn a chef on a ship. However, his girlfriend Dr. Asavari ( Neha Mahajan) , who lives in the neighborhood, is in touch with his family, treating Appa, as and when required.

Vikram Gokhale, SiddhantWhen Madhav returns, after hearing about Appa suffering a shock, after Vakratunda’s inability to learn maths, he takes over to teach Vakratunda, in his own style , allowing him to attend to his hobby of art and craft, making beautiful clay idols. The film is all about facing the challenges in life, with the help of Mathematics. Be it Appa’s ideology, Madhav’s wish to attempt a Greek recipe, to be eligible for job, Gaja Kaka’s way of making his father happy or Vakratunda’s way of learning maths through his hobby of idol making, they are all based on the principles of Mathematics. And, to a great extent, the director has succeeded in proving his point of view, through cinematic presentation of this small and simple story.

The film takes a long time, to pick up with its story, as lot of time has been wasted in unwanted things like involvement of Inamdar Sir and Appa’s repeated efforts to persuade his grandson to learn Maths in his own way. It is only in the post interval session, the film takes a firm grip on its story and concludes with a timely message. The film’s music by Shailendra Barve is most suited to the atmosphere of the picturesque  coastal  township, with beautiful lyrics. Background music is also equally appealing with superb sound effects used, on many occasions.

The film belongs to two main characters played by Vikram Gokhale and Archit Deodhar; but, good support comes from versatile artistes Swati Chitnis, Ganesh Yadav, Madhavi Soman, Kishore kadam and others. Sarang Sathe and Neha Mahajan match well, to represent the young generation and their ideology. This  is the second film of Neha Mahajan with a prominent role, after ‘Coffee Aani Barach Kahee’ and she has done well. Barring few lengthy scenes in the first half, which also reduces pace of the film; overall it is a good presentation, on a different subject. Vivek Wagh does a good job on his debut, combining  humor with emotions well, through many important scenes.

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