‘YZ’ offers quality entertainment despite its odd title

YZ Marathi Movie Poster
Rating: ★★★★
Genres: Drama
Censor: U
Duration: 130 min.
Studio/presenter: Everest Entertainment, Pratisaad Productions presents
Producer(s): Sanjay Chhabria, Anish Jog
Director: Sameer Vidwans
Writer: Kshitij Patwardhan
Music: Hrishikesh, Saurabh, Jasraj
Cinematographer (DOP): Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti
Cast: Sai Tamhankar, Mukta Barve, Sagar Deshmukh, Akshay Tanksale, Parna Pethe
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

The title of the film ‘YZ‘ may sound weird, but don’t confuse it for something offensive. The makers of this film, writer Kshitij Patwardhan & Sameer Vidwans have described the meaning of the title as ‘attitude’ of a person in this film. The writer and director duo have already given us films like ‘Time Please‘, which was inspired by their own play ‘Nava Gadi Nava Rajya‘ and last year’s hit film ‘Double Seat‘ , inspired by old Marathi film ‘Mumbaicha Javai‘.

Through their latest film ‘YZ‘ they have presented a humour filled story of a 33 year old bachelor College professor Gajanan Kulkarni ( Sagar Deshmukh) from Wai, who suffers inferiority complex, when it comes to selection of a suitable bride. One day, he is asked by his college principal to go on six months deputation to a college in Pune. After arrival to this new place, he faces a big challenge, as the students from his class are more advanced and mischievous. But, Gajanan finds a good friend , philosopher and guide in one of those students Shyamsunder Prajapati, popularly known as Battis, who helps him to bring in that desired change in his personality.

Mukta Barve Sai Tamhankar Parna Pethe In YZ Movie

Parna Pethe, Sai Tamhankar and Mukta Barve in Marathi movie ‘YZ’

After taking lessons from Battis, we do notice a big change in Gajanan, as he becomes smarter to understand who could be the right choice for him. During this period, first Parnarekha ( Sai Tamhankar) comes to his life, as proposed by his aunt living in Pune, so that he should settle down in his life, by marrying this 29 year old woman who is too religious. Then comes Antara( Parna Pethe) , his sister’s friend, who is just 20 years old. Antara, who is highly impressed by Gajanan’s Knowledge of Sanskrit and falls in love with him, after taking special tuition of this language from him.

In the meanwhile, he also meets his childhood friend Sailee, who is a divorcee with a little daughter, but in relationship with her friend. When Gajanan is in a dilemma, he consults Battis, who suggests him to take his own decision. Finally, Gajanan does take his own decision. The film has been presented very well, except for becoming little lengthy, in the second half. But, the sequences during Gajanan’s stay in Pune have been made interesting, by the writer and director. The use of  Kalidasa’s Shakuntala has been used very well in the Sanskrit song picturisation on Sagar and Parna. Music has therefore played an important role in two songs.

Both Sagar Deshmukh and Akshay Tanksale have proved their class through their respective characters. Sagar in particular has shown his transformation in him, very well through his body language. The credit should also go to his make up artist and dress designer. The scenes picturised on Sagar and Akshay do remind us about the humour created by I.S.Johar and Joy Mukherjee in the 1967 Bollywood Super hit film ‘Shagird‘ Sai Tamhankar has done well through her sober kind of character, while Parna Pethe has proved that she could be the choice of Marathi filmmakers , for Mod-type of roles. The director has also exploited her dancing skills. Mukta Barve has limited role in this film, but, she has made her presence felt, through that lively character of Sailee.

Good support comes from other artistes. Sudhakar Reddy’s cinematography is appealing and so is the sound design of Anmol Bhave, while capturing the life of Wai and liveliness of Pune. The film ‘YZ‘ is targeted not only at the young collegians; but also at married couples and elders. In short, it offers quality entertainment, despite its odd title. Don’t miss it.

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