‘Zindagi Virat’ offers casual entertainment

Zindagi Virat Marathi Film
Movie: Zindagi Virat
Rating: ★★
Genres: Drama
Censor: U
Duration: 130 min.
Studio / Presenter: Anjaneya Sathe Entertainment
Producer(s): Anjaneya Sathe
Director: Sumit Sanghamitra
Writer: Sumit Sanghamitra
Cinematography (DOP): Satyajeet Shobha Shriram
Cast:  Bhau Kadam, Om Bhutkar, Atul Parchure, Kishor Kadam, Usha Naik…
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Presentation of script on the rural backdrop have become common now days in Marathi films. Latest released Marathi film ‘Zindagi Virat’ produced by Anjaneya Sathe (Grandson of Late Amrish Puri) and written and directed by Sumit Sanghamitra is no different than many such rural based films released in the recent past.

The story of this film begins with the death of Dattoba Ahiwale (Kishore Kadam) who is father of film’s young hero Santosh alias Santya ( Om Bhutkar) living in a village. Dattoba who is alcohol addict and working in a factory as night watchman dies in strange circumstances. Santya, who works as a construction worker performs all the rituals as per the tradition, to rest his father’s departed soul in peace. But, the crow doesn’t eat the food offered.

Actor Om Bhutkar, in movie Zindagi Virat

Actor Om Bhutkar, in movie Zindagi Virat

This disturbs Santya, who is reminded by his father’s ghost to fulfil his last wish i.e. of celebrating his birthday, by cutting a cake. This puts Santya in a dilemma, as he does not remember his father’s birthday. So, with the help of his close friend Asif alias Asfya ( Sumit Sanghamitra) from the same village, he goes in search of his father’s birth date. The rest of the film is their search for the same. And, this has been presented with a touch of light humour, with unfolding of the mystery in the climax.

The film could have been more interesting with more humour filled happenings, but the director who is himself a writer, has created more scenes for him, almost equal to the film’s hero, clearly indicating that he plays a parallel role. There is no doubt that both Om and Sumit have performed their respective roles with full commitment, but it is Kishore kadam, who steals the show, with whatever he finds to his share. In other important roles Usha Naik and Bhau Kadam are also impressive. It was not necessary to show the character of Usha Naik smoking Bidi in almost all her scenes in the film, with the caution message for tobacco smoking appearing all the time on the screen. Good support comes from Atul Parchure and others.

The film’s music by Suraj Dhiraj is just fine in few songs incorporated in the screenplay. But, Umakant Jagtap’s sound design and Satyajit Shobha Shriram’s cinematography appeal the most. All in all, ‘Zindagi Virat’ offers casual entertainment.

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