‘Jadubai Jorat’ to capture afternoon TV Viewers

Marathi serial 'Jadubai Jorat'

Kishori Shahane and Nimiti Sawant actress, Marathi serial ‘Jadubai Jorat

There has been a big competition to capture the attention of television viewers during prime time. But, when these serials are played in repeat telecast during afternoòn hours they also find good viewership. Perhaps, those who miss a particular serial during prime time, prefer to watch next day afternoon in repeat telecast.

So, keeping this in mind, Zee Marathi channel have presented their new serial ‘Jadubai Jorat‘ particularly during afternoon hour at 1:00 pm slot to target the housewives. ‘Jadubai Jorat‘ serial has been aired from 24th July and is expected to capture the attention of afternoon television viewers. Staring veteran actresses Nirmiti Sawant and Kishori Shahane in lead roles, this serial presents the story of a middle class woman Jai and her fitness lover neighbour Mallika. The makers of this serial are confident that the subject of their serial will be well received by afternoon small screen viewers.

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