New TV show ‘Toofan Aalaya’ to fight drought situation

Aamir Khan, 'Toofan Aalaya' Serial zee marathi

Aamir Khan, ‘Toofan Aalaya’ Serial zee marathi

Fighting draught situation has always been a big challenge before the Government & administration, especially at some villages in Maharashtra. But, today more and more experts are coming forward through the efforts of NGO’s to fight this grave situation.  PAANI Foundation is one of them, founded by actor Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran along with Satyajit Bhatkal & Dr. Avinash Pol to tackle this situation with their Water Cup project. Maharashtra Government also came forward with their support, when last year a competition was organized in three Talukas of Maharashtra,covering 116 villages.

Actor Girish Kulkarni, Actress Pratiksha Lonkar

Actor Girish Kulkarni, Actress Pratiksha Lonkar

Now, from 8 April every Saturday at 9.30 pm, Zee Marathi will present a show  to cover this competition , involving many Marathi celebrities in pairs , who will lead some of the regions.  Prominent among them are, Girish Kulkarni & Pratiksha Lonkar, Sunil Barve & Sai Tamhankar,Bharat Ganeshpure & Anita Date. The show will be anchored by Jitendra Joshi and will run for eight weeks, offering prizes of Rs.50 Lakhs, 30 Lakhs & 20 Lakhs respectively.

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