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‘Dil Dosti…. ‘ should come out of the four walls

Puja Thombre, Swanandi TikekarThe most popular serial among youngsters, ‘Dil Dosti Duniyadari’ is content most of the time, covering the happenings, within the four walls of the house, where the friends live at present. For a change, we only see Reshma’s first house , Reshma buying vegetables on the road or once the group going to a restaurant. Actually, looking at the popularity of the characters, it is high time, they should move for outing, for trekking, picnic or so. Watching the expressions on their faces and body language, it also gives an impression that even they, desperately need outing.

When we saw our ‘Double Seat’ film pair, coming for promotion in one of the episodes of this serial, it gave an impression that the friends will have to make some alternate arrangement, for their accommodation. But, that did not happen. It was just a fun. One can understand about the situation of the friends coming together after a tiring day, at this place. But, there is always a Sunday, which they can use for outing together.

In ‘Majhe Mann Tujhe Jhale’, we see Shekhar offering shelter to a stranger little notorious boy, in his house, much against the wish of his female family members. . But, instead of sending him to school or putting him in a good boarding school, he is encouraging him to do the work at home. Last time, this boy, was shown selling old bhangar items, in front of their house. Isn’t that encouraging child labour ? By the way, the boy doesen’t look like an Orphan. And, he is too loud, with his Bambaiya accent, which is commonly seen in Bollywood films.

‘Nanda Soukhyabhare’ seems to be going ‘Runji’ way. At least, the initial episodes indicate so. Just watch the characters in this serial and the happenings, especially, the behavior of street smart Swanandi. Hope, it does not repeat the same ‘tit for tat’ attitude between Saas and bahu after her marriage.

Now, talking about Jui played by Mrunal Dusanis in ‘Asa Saasar Surekh Bai’ , we find her almost in the second lead, with lot of importance being given to her sister. Also, the character of an educated youngster played by Santosh Juvekar, is shown, believing in what his fortune teller uncle advises him. Otherwise, he is shown a self respected person. Well, we all know, that finally he is going to marry Jui; but, how long he is going to tolerate Jui’s arrogant sister ? Let us wait and see.

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