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Lalit to take Neha on a ride, to present a new TV show

Lalit Prabhakar, Neha Mahajan
Lalit Prabhakar the popular hero of small screen and Neha Mahajan the new sensation in Marathi films, are coming together for the first time. But, this is not for a film or a serial. They will be playing the host for Zee Talkies channel’s new programme ‘Talkies Light House’, which will be aired from Sunday 10th January 2016 at 4.30 pm. The repeat telecast of this programme can be seen following Saturday at10 am in the morning.

Through this programme, short films of well known filmmakers will be shown, with briefing about the making of the film, besides taking the viewers to the actual location, where the film’s story  originates. So, it will be interesting to watch, how the chemistry of these two young hosts works, in the role of anchors.

Today, everybody, especially  the viewers spread across small towns, is talking about the big game of ‘Saripaat ‘ to be played between Mhalsa and Banai( Banu), in the popular Zee Marathi TV serial ‘Jai Malhar’. While some women folks feel that Mhalsa is being cheated, while others feel that it is the only way, Banu can get justice. Anyway, the game of ‘Saripaat’ is not new to small screen lovers. As, we saw it in popular TV serial ‘Mahabharat’ about 29 years ago, when Pandavas lost everything in their possession, including Draupadi, in this gamble.

But, we now hear that the game of ‘Saripaat’ has popularized in small towns and villages in Maharashtra, where people have started playing this game as a competitive game, like Chess, carom  or scrabble. But, it will not be surprising to see the popularity of this game spreading across the state soon, if someone really introduces the kit of this game, as a part time sport. Only care is to be taken that it is not used for gambling purpose.

By: Shweta Khot © MMW Network

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