Question mark over UPA Government's governance capability

SEPTEMBER 2012. Week 2.

Question mark over UPA Government's governance capability

After facing the biggest opposition from BJP in the parliament, over the Coal Scam; now, the UPA is facing opposition from their own alliance partners and external supporters, over their decision to hike the diesel prices and rationing of cooking gas with additional cost. The Marathi news channels in their latest update have shown Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Ajit Pawar clearly hinting at early elections. While addressing his party workers, he was seen asking them to be prepared for elections, in anticipation of falling of this Government over recent Diesel and Cooking gas price hike.

The news channels also showed Mamata Banerjee leading a rally to protest against the price rise of diesel and cooking gas and issuing an ultimatum to the Government to take back their decision by Tuesday. At the same time, it was also reported that the big parties like BSP and SP, who are supporting the present Government from outside, had expressed their displeasure over Government’s present decision.

Reacting on the Breaking news disclosed by IBN Lokmat, over the arrest of seven persons all from Bihar at kurla Terminus, carrying illegal arms brought by train; the Maharashtra Home Minister has ordered cancellation of licenses of Private Security agencies in possession of unauthorized arms. The Rifles seized at Kurla station were reported to be supplied to Private Security agencies in Mumbai. Surprisingly, no reaction of Mr. Raj Thackeray was taken on this issue. Also, this news was not highlighted by other popular channels.

The arrest of Cartoonist and Social activist Aseem Trivedi by the Mumbai Police, under the sedition charge, was highlighted by news channels. There were debates held and we saw renowned personalities coming forward in support of the cartoonist, besides chief of the Press Council of India- Justice Markandey Katju, strongly condemning the act of the Police and the Government.. Aseem also received support from people like Binayak Sen, Human Rights activist and Film maker Mahesh Bhatt. Popular Politicians and cartoonists from Maharashtra- Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray and Raj Thackeray also condemned the arrest of Aseem Trivedi and said that detaining him under the charges of sedition was wrong.

After Aseem Trivedi’s release on bail, as per Bombay High Court order, the young cartoonist spoke to IBN Lokmat and said that he would continue his fight against corruption. Now, with the court calling the arrest of Aseem under sedition charges, as ‘arbitrarily applied’, the Police action has been disapproved. One thing is sure that Aseem Trivedi has turned a new hero in the process. By the way, through the news, it was also brought to the notice of viewers that there were only 115 cartoonists in the 113 Crore population of this country.

The entertainment and sports news took a back seat during the week, in the light of new political developments taking place, almost on a daily basis. 

by Ulhas Shirke © MMW

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