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Gripping ‘Code Mantra’ draws a full house on 1st day of New year

Code Mantra Marathi Play Image

Mukta Barve and Ajay Purkar, Marathi play ‘Code Mantra

Mukta Barve‘s gripping Marathi play ‘Code Mantra has already played 100 shows in just six month’s time, ever since it was launched in June 2016. Incidentally, besides playing the lead role of a military law expert, Mukta Barve is also producer of ‘Code Mantra’, along with other co producers. This play being very close to her heart, you find the finest presentation on Marathi stage, with wonderful performances coming from her and her co stars like Ajay Purkar, Umesh Jagtap, Kaustubh Diwan and many others totaling about 40. The play has special significance, as it is set on the backdrop of an unusual happening in Maratha regiment of Indian Army.

On the first day of this new year, this play was performed at Borivali’s Prabodhankar Thackeray Auditorium and drew a full house, which obviously boosted the morale of the entire team of ‘Code Mantra’. We are all aware about the acting skills of talented Mukta Barve ; but it was nice to see the best from another talented actor Ajay Purkar, whom TV home viewers only recognize as a character actor. Through this play, Ajay plays the lead character of Col. Prataprao Nimbalkar a responsible and powerful Army Officer of Indian Army. Obviously, when both these important characters come face to face on the stage, we find the exchange of fire through words, which have been cleverly captured by the director Rajesh Joshi a well Known director of Gujarathi plays and TV serials and making his debut in Marathi through this play.

Code Mantra‘, which has a good subject, has been cleverly presented by the director, to hold the audience to their seats. Through this play, the audience come to know about different ranks of Indian Army and their functions. But, what captures the audience is the presentation of the script. The post interval session is more gripping and filled with suspense, as we notice many interesting happenings. All in all, the cast and technical support team display an excellent team work. Besides wonderful performances by all the artistes, the superb background music, excellent lighting and above all, the captivating realistic set design make ‘Code Mantra’ a worth watch. Don’t miss it.

Rating: ★★★★

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