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Rutuja Bagwe stands tall with her brilliant performance in ‘Ananyaa’

Ananyaa Marathi Play Poster
Rating: ★★★★
Genres: Drama
Production House: Aishwarya Production, Suyog Productions, Arya
Producer: Rajesh Patil, Pratap Phad, Kanchan Sudhir Bhat
Director: Pratap Phad
Music: Samir Saptiskar
Writer: Pratap Phad
Artist: Pramod Pawar, Rutuja Bagwe, Siddharth Bodke, Vishal More, Anagha Bhagare, Ajinkya Nanaware
Play Review by: Ulhas Shirke

From experimental plays to TV serial and now while playing the central character in the new Marathi commercial play ‘Ananyaa‘ , Rutuja Bagwe has shown tremendous progress. Her brilliant performance in ‘Ananyaa‘ has invited the attention of all and that makes her stand tall in her acting field. Rutuja has found a lifetime role in this play, at this young age. Produced by Suyog and directed by Pratap Phad, this Marathi play literally holds you to your seat from start till end.

Marathi play 'Ananyaa'

Rujuta Bagwe, Marathi play ‘Ananyaa’

The story of this play revolves around a young girl Ananyaa ( Rutuja Bagwe) who lives a happy life with her father Avinash Deshmukh ( Pramod Pawar), brother Dhananjay ( Vishal More)and close friend in the neighborhood Priyanka( Anagha Bhagare). She is a Gold medalist in M.Com and is preparing for her C.A. exams. In the meanwhile, her marriage is also finalized on receiving a proposal from a youngster Shekhar Sarpotdar (Ajinkya Nanavare) belonging to a well to do family . At this stage, unfortunate incident takes place in her life . But, after experiencing the worst, she fights back with the help of her close friend Priyanka( Anagha Bhagare) to inspire one and all, while regaining her self confidence .

Very cleverly director Pratap Phad has tried to generate interest in every scene involving Ananyaa and Rutuja Bagwe has literally put in her heart into this lead character, through her brilliant performance. She has literally worked hard , which is clearly noticed through her body language and flexibility. Rutuja finds good support from Anagha Bhagare who stands firmly behind her, when she faces crisis in her life. In the roles of father, brother and would be husband, Pramod Pawar, Vishal More and Ajinkya Nanaware, respectively; have provided very good support. But, Siddharth Bodke as Jay Dixit steals the show with his wonderful performance, in the later half of the play. He has not only succeeded in bringing some humor but also makes the play more interesting towards the end.

The technical department of the play need a special mention, for creating a realistic atmosphere on stage. Thanks to Sudesh Bendre for suitable set design for every occasion. Light effects by Bhushan Desai were simply superb , with good support coming from effective background music from Samir Saptiskar. However, at few places it clearly had the bollywood music influence. All in all ‘Ananyaa‘ is a truly inspiring play and is a must watch for all.

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