U Turn 2 ( यू टर्न २ )

U Turn 2 Play Poster
Genres: Drama
Rating: na
Opening Date: 2016 (7 December)
Production House: Jivhala Nirmit, Supriya Productions
Producer(s):  Kanta Mhasvekar, Supriya Chavan
Presenter: Govind Chavan
Writer: Anand Mhasvekar
Director: Anand Mhasvekar
Official Facebook Page I  Twitter

Producer(s): Kanta Mhasvekar, Supriya Chavhan
Executive Producer(s): Vinay Mhasvekar
Co-producer: Rohan Siddharth Bansode, Bal Vaidya, Poonam Naveen Sawant
Director: Anand Mhasvekar
Assistant Director: na
Writer: Anand Mhasvekar
Dialogues: na
Artist: Ila Bhate, Dr. Girish Oak
Set Design: Rajan Bhise
Lights: Anand Mhasvekar
Costume: na
Background Music: Arun Kanvinde
Makeup: na
Costume Designer:  na
Hair Style: na
Art: na
Lyrics: Saumitra, Grace
Music: Avadhoot Gupte
Playback singers: na
Choreographer : na
Publicity Designs: na

‘U Turn 2′: na


U Turn 2 Play Poster


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