“I am more keen on doing films and stage”- Astad Kale

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Actor Astad Kale

Television gives you name and fame. One such youngster from Pune is Astad Kale, who is more known as a Marathi television actor. Astad, who during his earlier years was trained in classical music, did perform in classical plays, including Paresh Mokashi directed classical play ‘Lagna Kallol‘. He was actively associated with Marathi stage in Pune, till he found suitable roles in Marathi serials ‘Oon Paus‘, ‘Vadalvaat‘ followed by ‘Asambhav‘, ‘Agnihotra‘, ‘Pudhcha Paul‘ and so on. Presently, he is playing lead role in ongoing TV serial ‘Saraswati‘.

Astad has also performed in films like ‘Platform‘( In lead role) besides, ‘Mission Possible‘ and ‘Nirop‘. His next film ‘Damlelya Babachi Kahani‘ in the lead role opposite Sanskruti Balgude, is all set to release on 24th June 2016. And obviously, Astad is excited about it. When Marathi Movie World met Astad recently, he frankly admitted that he was more keen on doing films and stage. “Television does help you reach every household in Maharashtra, but, when you perform on stage or in films, it’s a totally different experience,” he said.

Astad was unlucky not to find suitable roles in films, because film makers felt that he was too busy as a TV artiste. When we asked Astad, what he felt about the success achieved by the film ‘Sairat‘, he quickly reacted, ” Sairat‘ has brought good days for Marathi films. I appreciate their success.” He concluded.

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