Piyush Ranade ready to wait for his time

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Piyush Ranade, Actor

Originally a stage artiste, Piyush Ranade is very comfortable while playing any kind of character on small or big screen. Till now, he has performed variety of roles on Marathi and Hindi television. But, Piyush Ranade came into prominence through Marathi serial ‘Lajja‘ in which he played a prominent role of Inspector Aakash in that women oriented serial. Piyush did perform in few Marathi films, but, he is yet to find a prominent role. However, he prefers to wait for the same.

Recently, MarathiMovieWorld spoke to Piyush, during the trailer launch of forthcoming Marathi film ‘Laal Ishq‘. He seemed to be excited, because he was part of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s first Marathi film. ” Yes, I was extremely delighted, when director of this film Swapna Waghmare Joshi, offered me an important role in this film. She had seen my work on television and knows me well. It was so nice of her, to think about me, to be part of this film,” he said.

We did ask Piyush, whether being the tallest actor, comes in the way of finding suitable roles in Marathi films, he said, “Yes, sometimes, it does come in the way of finding suitable roles. But, today, Marathi cinema is changing and story of the film, plays the most important role. So, there are big hopes for actors like me and I am ready to wait for my time,” he concluded.

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