Prashant Damle is still matchless

Prashant Damale

The moment one hears the name Prashant Damle, a smile adorns one’s face automatically. He is synonymous with loads of laughter. He must be one of the very few actors, to have extensively indulged in all the three forms of entertainment, Theatre, Films, Television. With his presence in entertainment field, spanning almost three decades, he has succeeded in retaining his own identity. Prashant has four Limca world records to his name and numerous awards adorn the shelf in his drawing room.

Prashant is more committed towards Marathi theatre and has so far staged more than 11200 shows. He debuted Marathi stage with ‘Tur Tur’ and ‘Moruchi Mavshi’, which brought him recognition. He played the lead in ‘Bramhachari’ and his play ‘Gela Madhav Kunikade’ broke lots of records. Prashant debuted in Marathi films with ‘Pudhacha Paul’ and went on to do quite a few films like ‘Pasant Aahe Mulgi’, ‘Ekda Pahave Karun’, ‘Ina Mina Deeka’ to name a few. Prashant Damle has a successful stint on television. His anchoring in ‘Aamhi Saare Khavaiye‘ increased his fan following. He acted in serials like ‘Be Dune Teen’, ‘Gharkul’, ‘Bhikajirao Karodpati’, ‘Darling Darling’ to name a few.

MMW had a chit chat with him recently.

MMW : You are staging ‘Karti Kaljat Ghusli’ again. What was the reason to choose this play?
Prashant Damle : I wanted a play with good humour. I was certain that I did not want a farce or a slapstick comedy. ‘Karti Kaljat Ghusli’ is a well written play with pure humour, where you do not have to force or create comedy.

MMW : Tejashree Pradhan is debuting with this play. What’s your take?
PD : Tejashree was keen to do theatre. She has the ability and has been putting in real hard work.

MMW : What keeps you away from films and television?
PD : Number of stage shows. But frankly, I was seen on television (Marathi and Hindi) and I have just completed film shooting of ‘Bho Bho’. You will see me in another film in an important role in ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 – Lagnala Yayachach’.

MMW : But you like to be on stage…..
PD : You ought to do, what gives you more pleasure. I enjoy doing theatre.

MMW : Any role close to your heart?
PD : I can not single out one role. Each play I featured in, is a milestone in my career. Frankly, I love all my plays. Each play and role has its own importance. …..

MMW : What about films and serials?
PD : Films…. ‘Vajva Re Vajva’ and ‘Savat Mazi Ladki’, TV serial…..‘Kai Pahilas Mazhyat’. Me and the whole team had a blast during the making of this serial.

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