Big expectations from ‘Sangharsha Yatra’

Sharad Kelkar Actor, Sangharshyatra

Sharad Kelkar playing role of Gopinath Munde in ‘Sangharsha Yatra’

The Biopic on the life of late BJP leader Gopinath Munde, ‘Sangharsha Yatra’ is all set to release soon. And, watching the photo of lead actor Sharad Kelkar in the get up of Gopinath Munde, has certainly raised the hopes about this film, which also stars Shruti Marathe, in the role of most active lady politician Pankaja Munde, in this film. So, in this film Shruti Marathe is playing the role of Sharad Kelkar’s daughter; but watching the get up of Sharad kelkar, we are convinced that Shruti would suit in her role.

The film also introduces Amruta Fadavnis, wife of chief minister of Maharashtra, as a singer. She has rendered one song very confidently in this film on the music of Shrirang Urhekar & Aniruddha Joshi , which she presented live, during the music release of this film, recently. Directed by Sakar Raut, the film also stars Deepti Bhagwat, Omkar karve, Girish Pardeshi, Pritam Kangane & Shilpa Gandi, in other important roles..

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