Finest ‘Jugalbandi’ by Asha Bhosale & Sadhana Sargam for Marathi film ‘Hero’

Aasha Bhosale and Sadhana Sargam

Asha Bhosale and Sadhana Sargam

Picturisation of songs based on ‘Jugalbandi‘ presented by two singers is not new to Bollywood; but surely, it is something new to Marathi films. And, that too if it is presented by two finest singers like legendary Asha Bhosale and popular singer Sadhana Sargam, it is certainly a big news. One such ‘Jugalbandi‘ has been presented by these two singers, which has been picturised on classical dance performance by two equally good dancing actresses Deepali Sayyad and Sukhada Khandkekar.

This song is part of forthcoming Marathi film ‘Hero‘ directed by N.N.Siddiqui and the wordings of the song are ‘Dhinak Dhin Aag Laga Doon… Ga bai majha Tora Nakharel..‘ . Music of this Hindi-Marathi fusion song has been composed by Raja Ali, while the dance has been choreographed by Phulwa Khamkar. The other artistes of ‘Hero‘ film are, Ramesh Deo, Vijay Patkar, Uday Tikekar, Bhushan Patil & Vaishnavi Karmarkar.

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