Kranti Redkar launches music of ‘Kaakan’

Urmila Kothare, Kranti Redkar, Kaakan MovieKranti Redkar’s much awaited movie launched its music recently, in presence of the entire team of ‘Kaakan’. In this film, besides direction, Kranti is also making her debut as lyricist. She has written two songs in this film, which are rendered by Shriram Iyer and Hamshika Iyer. Omkar Dutt is the co lyricist in this film, which has music by Ajay Singha. The title track of this film is sung by Shankar Mahadevan along with Neha Rajpal. Swapnil Bandodkar has also rendered his voice for another song in this film.

To entertain the invitees, lead artistes Urmila Kanetkar Kothare and Jitendra Joshi performed live on the title track of this film. Live performances were also given by other artistes of the film, namely, Madhavi Juvekar, Ashok Shinde and child actors Ashitosh Gaikwad and Aakash Banerjee. Film Kaakan (Bangle), revolves around a tragic love story of a young couple set on the backdrop of 1970s.

Produced by Mangorange Productions, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics of this film by Kranti Redkar and Omkar Mangesh Dutt, cinematographer Bithin Das and art director Mahesh Kudalkar. The film will release across Maharashtra on April 10, 2015.

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